I’m currently using. what are YOU using?


I’m looking for somone that I can trade with.
I want the female preferably version of these pokemans. I’ll trade you a baby lucario or somthing.


Ok I’ve heard of three of those

I’m getting the game soon, I’ll let you know which Pokes I need to trade then.

Is this serious or provocative? If serious, okay, march to your own drummer. If provocative, this is pretty lame.

Look cur-TIS, I just want to know what pokemans you have. so stfu and tell me.

i’ve got an agumon that can digivolve into a wargreymon and it’s really cool and from a completely different series, is that ok?

attempts to bring reason back to the thread

Just FYI, my active team is always formed of ALL the Pokemon that you can get by evolution only. As soon as one evolves, I switch it for another (I keep the evolving ones I a separate file). That means that my team is constantly changing, though the starter Pokemon (I always go for the Grass one) usually lasts well into the game. And yeah, I’ve beaten the League with such an unpredictable team setup. Judicious use of TMs + Strategy = The Win. :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah I don’t believe you.

bursts in laughter Too bad, because it’s TRUE. :wink:

-Wilfredo Martinez, Pokemon Master

I like Eevees >_>

Okay, I think I’m slowly getting tempted towards the Pokemon Side.

I’m a little confused here. Is it true that you can collect all 49x of the Pokemon in these two games, or do you need to have access to the GBA games? I’ve heard both, but I’ve got no confirmation.

You can get quite a few in just Diamond and Pearl once you get the National Pokedex, but likewise, once you get said 'Dex, you can transfer in pokes from any of the GBA games, and indeed, some of them can only be gotten that way.

Likewise, a small number of pokes will only appear in the wild if you have a certain version of GBA game in your DS while you’re playing, but you can always trade for those.

On topic, at the moment my main party consists of Torterra, Luxray, Gastrodon, Lucario and Vespiquen, and I hope to get a good Snorlax soon.

Thanks GG :slight_smile:

My party consists of pause a shiny Muk(its green) a shiny Delibird (its white&purple) a Spiritomb,a Shaymin, a Darkrai, and pause an Arceus.I’ve beaten the Elite Four and all pokemon in my party arew pause level 100.

Sounds totally balanced and pause legit.

I got a Bulbasaur… IN MY PANTS.

Yes it’s so pause legit.Just check my pause action replay.Next to every pause [STRIKE]cheat[/STRIKE] code it says this is pause legit!

On GameFAQs theres a file that tells you how many pokemon you can get with a certain combination of games. I don’t know if its been updated to include DP yet, though.