Legend of the Five Rings Campaign

I’m looking to start a Legend of the Five Rings Campaign centered around Dark Powers taking hands in the imperial courts of Rokugan.
For those of you unfamiliar with Legend of the Five Rings, it’s a Samurai-flavoured PnPRPG, with a complex (not difficult, just intricate) system of play and ridiculous number of character possibilities.
I haven’t yet been able to find an online SRD-esque database for it, and if I still can’t find one, I’ll post many of the basics here if people show interest.

Is this going to be using the latest edition of the rules? It’s up to 3rd or 4th edition now.

Also why not jsut use oriental adventurers?

It’s up to third, indeed. Age 3200, with the capability to run a game in any time period in Rokugan’s history.

As for the Oriental Adventures thing, I honestly don’t like the d20 system all that well, at least not nearly as well the new LotFR sistem. I really find this new addition amazing; it’s excellently balanced, flexible, and has a ridiculous amount of possibilities for characters, what with choosign a clan, family, school, rolling heritage and having a wide number of ways do distribute character points. Whereas d20 certain points go into skills, other have to go to abilities, et ceteras. I like the less rigid playing system, and also find Rokugan’s mythos and canon to be much more substantial than that of OA.