Legend of Mana: 'kay guys, leave whatever you're doing and focus on me.

[li]Do pets and weapons remain when you start a New Game+?
[/li][li]What’s your favorite pet? My Chocobo works just fine but the Sky Dragon looks interesting.
[/li][li]Is there any special trick to getting Gold Elemental Coins? Cuz’ I’ve got like fifty Silver of everything.
[/li][li]I know there was a better material than Lorimar Iron, what missions have a chance of giving it?
[/li][li]How do weapons’ Mystical Powers manifest themselves? I’ve got a Spear with 99 Attack Power, 3 Wisp/Jinn/Salamander/Aura essence and Men of Valor, God of War and Wisp as Mystical Powers.
[/li][li]Am I sick for thinking that Shadoles are cute?
[/li][li]Why on earth would I want to use Wood or Rock to create stuff when metals are so much better?
[/li][li]I got a Gold coin of everything and a bunch or Lorimar Iron, what is the best spell you can think of so I can forge it?
[/li][li]I got a little confused with the “Rachel” quest. Did she morph into a monster or something?
[/li][li]Who’s your favorite character to bring along? I’ve done most quests with Lisa simply because she’s right there but there has to be better.
[/li][li]Can I screw up MAJOR quests? Like fighting Escad twice before reviving Lucemia?
[/li][li]Ah C’MON! You mean that I don’t get to use the Sword of Mana as a weapon AGAIN?

Start answering bitches >:/

I’ll try to answer what I can
1: Yes
2: Sky Dragon
3: i think having more instruments playing helps
4: Yes, it’s Altena Alloy. Any mission that gives a metal as a reward can give you it, it depends on when and where you place the land. If you place a land near last, and far away from Home you can get one from it.
5: Don’t know
6: No
7:Not sure
8: She swapped minds with a student and tried to help her dad go to space.
9: Lisa, she’s the best. Lady Blackpearl is better because of her snycro effect, but you can’t use her often.
10: I don’t think so
11: I don’t think so.

most rocks and woods are biased towards certain attack types, while metals are all balanced. there are several ways to exploit this fact to make really powerful weapons late in the game, but you would need to hit gamefaqs for the specifics.
Most of the effects on weapons are passive things that affect elements or give different attacks to use. Many of them also have an affect on the hidden stats of a weapon (slashing, piercing and bludgeoning: used to calculate attack power)

Thanks, new one:
[li]What are those four crabs I got from the SS Bucaneer quests for?

The crabs? I, being a huge LoM fan myself, have looked into this, and have deduced that the crabs are completely and utterly… pointless. They just hang around in the study. It’s fun to break 'em, though.

New stuff:
[li]Alex, the mineral merchant at Geo, is selling a Lapis Lazuli, a Pearl and an Emerald. Esmeralda is already dead, and at the rate I’m going so will be the rest of the Jumi, but both Pearl and Elazul are fine. What are those stones?
[/li][li]I’m training a Sky Dragon, but I considered looking into Golem Making. Which one should I focus on?
[/li][li]Toadstoolsheds. I’ve looked in Gamefaqs and nobody knows a good method for getting this produce. Any ideas?
[/li][li]Escad just reminded me of what FFT made me forget: Why I hate Holy Knight/Paladin type characters. What an ass.
[/li][li]Is there any difference from one Major Damage (MD) ST to another MD ST with the same reach? Because it seem weird to learn a Short Range MD ST as soon as I pick up a weapon and learn another SR MD ST after training with it for fifteen minutes.