Legend of Mana: How is it?

I bought it a while back and played a little, but it just seems… high (As in, “funny herbs that make you see pretty colors high”), it has that horrible “Create your own character that doesn’t relate to anybody else nor has a real story” system (Not to mention the Female character looks more manly than the Male) and I despise the fact that it reminds me of FFTA (At least now it sort of makes sense why you create the map). On the other hand, “Song of Mana” is such an awesome theme…

So… does it pick up later on?

No. Some people like it, some don’t. Sell it to me.

Sell it to ME! :smiley:

LoM is an excellent game. It takes a couple play throughs. There are 3 big storylines and the rest are add on quests. The first play through will most likely not make sense. Once you kinda know what’s up, it’ll be really easy to piece it all together and then you’ll be able to fully appreciate how extremely detailed it is. I liked it a lot for everything being so thought out. Everything has meaning.

Sinistral’s right. During your first playthrough the events will seem completely random and make it seem like there is no plot. After you will notice the three different main plots (Larc, Jumi, and Mitilda events) and the sub plots (Gilbert, Niccolo, Diddle and a few others). The music is good with some really excellent songs. I think the best would be Polpota Harbor’s or the Fiege Snowfield’s music.

The game isn’t that diffucult to actually baet sadly, but otherwise it’s an awesome game.

'kay, I’ll give it a shot. Just one question: Does it matter what weapon I choose at the beginning or can I do just fine with whatever?

I think it has some minor impact on your intial stats and affects your growth until you find other weapons. I was rather fond of the greatswords when I played, since they tend to be the most powerful weapons until you get into crazy high amounts of forging.

I liked using spears for their range and the insane techniques you learn with them. Spears are good for stun-locking bosses.