Legend of Dragoon OST

These songs are VEEEERY difficult to find . . . But I’m really only looking for one track in particular. The 3rd battle theme (which either isn’t listed in the OST, or not given an obvious name like the other battle themes) is what I’m looking for.

if anyone can help, I would very much appreciate it


Did you check IRC?

thanks Sorcerer, but I rather not . . . I’m not really a lover of IRC, I’ll spare you the details on that.

Is there another alternative?

I don’t blame you, I don’t search IRC for anything, I usually get other people to do it, download it, then send it to me.

IRC is the place to find anything really. I suggest you talk to Epicgamer, he has a knack at getting rare and hard to find tracks off IRC.

It must be a (semi) boss battle theme…? Because I’m playing it through currently, and there;s the two normal ones, and about 5 different boss battle themes, some less important than others.

Yeah, a lot of people have no idea what I’m talking about . . . but there ARE 3 battle themes.

The first 2 are quite common, but the 3rd one is only heard in one place (I think it’s on the Moon that Never Sets). I know there are 3 boss themes as well (I have them all) and there’s maybe 4 or 5 final battle themes.

I wonder why these songs are so difficult to find . . .

Okay, as I recall, one type plays when you’re fighting humans liek in Hellena, or Kazas. Then, there’s the style with a higher pitch to it, like it’s played with soem sorta woodwind or something. The third, is played in Wingly lands, like Kadessa, and the Three Cities.

Don’t sure where to look for the track, especially since I never really noticed any third battle track. But hey that’s me, and I have not played it in ages.

Originally posted by Valkyrie Esker
. . . The third, is played in Wingly lands, like Kadessa, and the Three Cities.

Yeah Val, I think that might be the one, thanks. Now all I need to do is find it and download it.


I’m still wondering why you want those songs, they just suck O_o

LoD is a perfect example on how NOT to compose an RPG soundtrack. It was overall bland, cliched, generic, etc…


Edit : Pay no heed to the reviews there. People who buy LoD and say it’s great don’t know crap about music. It’s painfully poor in the compositional department -_-;; This is what you get when you hire a TV Show composer to score a game…

Yeah, I know . . . it isn’t really a spectacular soundtrack, but I like some of the music. Like all of the battle themes, and the game’s main theme (called ‘I Still Believe’ I think).

A little problem though . . . I’m not willing to buy the whole soundtrack just for one song :P.

Just beat this not a couple weeks ago… And well, I kinda liked the battle themes… Most of them were a bit subtle, which kinda got me more into the battle… The rest of the music… reminded me frequently of FF7…