Left 4 Dead: AGAIN

I dunno if I’m a couple days late but they added survivor mode (including a new map only for survivor that looks cool but I haven’t played it yet) last night and made the rest of the maps available for Vs. Mode.

I’m glad I ended up picking this game up because it is amazing. I’m just trying to get gold medals on all the chapters in Survival Mode. Anywho anyone who wants to play some we should definitely do so.

My steamid is rlawson0202, I’m pretty sure. I have Lanyx set as my nickname but yeah

Lets play tonight!

Not that late.

Yeah, the Lighthouse is pretty awesome, to bad the rest of the survival mode is just (as far as I know) based on chokepoints from the other campaigns.
The real content of that patch was making all four campaigns playable versus.

And Steam ID Poke_Freak. :slight_smile:

Thinking about picking up the GOTY edition that has extra content. Is the $60 price tag justified?

I’d highly suggest getting it for the PC since you can get the same content, much faster bug updates, and all for under $30 on Amazon.

No. It’s just prepatched with the recent dlc.

But isn’t the DLC all multiplayer stuff? The main reason I’d be getting it is for some multiplayer fun with some friends over summer. If the DLC sucks, I’ll just go ahead and buy a used copy at gamestop sometime.

You get the dlc just by patching the game on steam. It’s not like they’re charging for it or anything.

Oh. Sweet then. Used copy sometime soon it is then. Thanks.