League of Legends

Does anyone else here play League of Legends?

I still play DotA if that counts

Check out league of legends yo

I’m in the process of downloading WC3/FT from battle.net so I can play NOTD again.

If none of you guys have played NOTD, you are missing out on the greatest/most difficult wc3 custom map
It’s the shit.

I do!

GC Crono does, I think.

Hit me up: Summoner name: SHITSTORM DELTA

I’m rolling Ryze and Morgana a lot lately. Finally hit 30 last weekend and enjoying a full rune spread.

I did try LoL for a while, but I stopped because it was not as intricate as DotA, and worst of all it was so slow that it was boring.

For all their vaunted “quick action all game” it was impossible to gank in the first 10 minutes because of how ridiculously strong the tower defenses were.

I take it the tower damage and defenses are subpar in DoTA? Early game ganking is mostly done from someone overextending, the mid champ or jungler busting in from the midbrush, the opponent just being dumb, or co-ordinated use of yours and your lane-mates Summoner abilities and one or the other having a high magic/armor penetration stat to be aggressive with. But yeah, getting hit by one tower blast early game really crimps things. They get even stronger as you move down the lanes. When was the last time you played, Cless? A lot has probably changed since then.

Last time was probably 2 or 3 months ago, but it was so lackluster (mostly due to the fact most people could only play 10 heroes every week) that I had to stop after 2 weeks.