Latest Song: G.H.O.D and his Blob named Bob (A Boy and his Blob rock remix). FUN! &

Well, this song did not take long to do at all. But this isn’t no bullshit rushjob effort though! If you remember “A Boy and his Blob” for the NES, you’ll love this song. If you never even played it or are like “WTF?” then you’ll like this song anyways.

BTW, I have all the requests I need for the RPGC Senior song, so I’ll start working on that soon. And yes, I’ll do more Shrine work, I promise. Orian, you can put down the gun now. :stuck_out_tongue:


I vaguely remember playing this game a long time ago. Oh, and nice piece, Kagato!

Oh, I SO remember A Boy and his Blob…I’ll download it as soon as Anglefire stobs being ghey.

It’s a pretty neat song.

Talking of shrining. I should probably be working on mine; but school and work is cruel and swallows up my time. Oh well. School is soon over.

Hey you’ve got a good song there. Not bad for 7 hours work, right?

Yay! Hoorj for comments! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I still can’t download the file…