Last Thread

No really.

I’ve not posted here in a little while…

I’m slowly losing interest over the Internet more & more as time moves on…

For shits & giggles, let me write up a quick overview of all the “material” items that I’ve chosen to hold on to.

There are 5 categories : Tarantula Books, Movies, Music, Pet Tarantulas and Misc Items.

Here we go…

Tarantula Books

  1. All About Tarantulas

This is the very first book written for caring about tarantulas in captivity. Dating from 1977, a lot of info is downright obsolete, but it’s interesting to see where they hobby was back then.

  1. Tarantulas

This is the 2nd book about tarantula care in captivity published in 1981. What makes this one stand out is that it’s also filled with anecdotes concerning tarantulas that is not found anywhere else.

  1. Tarantulas in The Vivarium

This one is interesting, it’s written by a german collector who would later be responsible for providing the scientific description for the Mexican Fireleg. The book is still quite relevant and has information on species that are still pretty obscure today.

  1. The Tarantula

This book dates back from 1958, written by a college proffessor in Arkansas who spent 30 - 40 years studying local tarantulas (Yes, there are tarantulas in Arkansas !). One of the rare accounts of tarantula behaviour in the wild.

  1. The Tarantula Keeper’s Guide (All 3 Editions)

These 3 books, released in 1984, 1998 and 2009 demonstrate how quickly the hobby has progressed in the last 3 décades. These two has owned many species for over 40 years, no wonder these books are strongly reccomended for the begginer and expert alike.


  1. Big Trouble in Little China

A fine classic that never gets old. Kurt Russel plays his role well and is hilarious through the entire movie. It’s a mix of kung-fu action and comedy.

  1. Champions of The Wild : Tarantulas

This is a documentary about tarantulas in the wild. Shows various species but concentrates on those from the Sonoran Desert.

  1. Kingdom of The Spiders

Move over Arachnophobia, here is the real thriller involving spiders. Stars William Shatner in one of his most amusing roles. It’s a B-movie featuring LOTS of real spiders, many are killed on screen.

  1. Rocky

This is one movie that really gets to me in several ways. It shows that everyone has a chance to improve their lives. You just have to take it ! Also, I love, love, love the fact how things were much simpler back then.

  1. The Dark Crystal

My absolute favorite Fantasy film… No really, I enjoy this much more than LOTR or The Hobbit. A basic tale of Good vs Evil done well. Also possibly the only film (to my knowledge) to exclusively feature puppets instead of actors.


  1. All Over Xanadu

This album was Yuzo Koshiro’s (Actraiser, Shenmue, Ys) debut in the video game music biz. It’s an arrange album with a mix of live and synthesized instruments.

  1. Final Fantasy VI Original Sound Version

If I am to own but one OSV/OST, this is the one. It’s what kickstarted my interest in game music and Square back in the day.

  1. Rocky Original Motion Picture Score

The film itself in inspirational, the music certainly shines on its own. There isin’t a lot, but it’s so heartwarming.

  1. The Dark Crystal Motion Picture Soundtrack

A orchestral film score done right. Everything just flows so well.

  1. The Speed of Sound

A instrumental guitar album by Ronnie Montrose. So, so good.

Pet Tarantulas

  1. Chilean Rose “Maggie”

This one is unpredictable, can be calm one moment and totally evil the next. Great eater, especially considering it’s usually not big on food.

  1. Mexican Fireleg “Fluffy”

Not a bad spider at all, extremely colorful, has a huge appetite and is a bit nervous.

  1. Mexican Redknee “Ginger”

This is the spider which was featured in Kingdom of The Spiders, very nice color contrast, strong appetite but quite nervous.

  1. North American Brown “Stimpy”

Basically a very drab spider, the worst feeder of the bunch, but the most laid-back of the bunch.

  1. Peru Rusty Birdeater “Shelob”

For my first tropical giant, I expected more. Not terribly colorful, not very active, hates the light and flees to her hiding spot quite often. All this is negated by her insane appetite. She could eat 10 times what my others go through if I’d let her. She’s handy when someone isin’t hungry, so crickets don’t go to waste with her.

Misc Items

  1. Final Fantasy III Player’s Guide

The original Snes guide from 1994, a huge souvenir from my teenage years.

  1. GBA SP with Final Fantasy VI Advance Cart

It’s not the original Snes version, but that’s OK. I still have a hard time putting it down despite knowing it like the back of my hand.

  1. Mon Chien de Montreal plushy

A plush dog my brother brought from Montréal when I was 4 or 5. A great childhood memory.

  1. Tarantula plushy

A spider plushy which looks a lot like my Redknee. Makes a neat addition.

  1. The World Of The Dark Crystal Book

Being the huge fan of the film, this is the art book and also explains the entire universe of the film.

So there. Didn’t go too much in detail as I wanted, but you get an idea of what I’m holding on to.

What, no plates or chairs?

Yeah it sounds like you’re moving off into the wild blue with nothing but spiders, books about spiders and movies + music. I have no idea, what, are you gonna stop coming here? I dunno man, I stopped coming here and I still come here.

Rigmarole : I guess I should have meant my items that provide me entertainment and distraction. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorc : Basically, I’ve been yearning to return to a much simpler lifestyle for some time now. You know, when you go on a camping/hunting/fishing trip… No TV, no Radio, no Internet, no phone ringing all the time… just the sounds of nature that fill your ears.

So does this mean that you’ve become a mountain/forest hermit?

And if so, what manner of plot important quest item did you bring with you so as to ensure that JRPG heroes will have to go out of their way to meet with you? Also, what manner of inane fetch quest will you plan on having them do for your amusement once they show up?

well, if you’re still in NB, you’re in a great place to live life very simply. find a cabin in the woods, use a generator for electricity if you wish, chop some trees for firewood, etc. just don’t become like the North Pond Hermit here in Maine and steal items from tourist camps in the winter when they are gone… though he only stole food and camping supplies so that he could live, but that’s another story :smiley:

some people do enjoy the simple life better, and I don’t blame anybody who does. in this age, everything has become so fast paced that it has become hectic to keep up with everything. there will probably come a point in my life where I will crave the same thing… minus the tarantulas :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey man, I’m going backpacking in the smokey’s in a few weeks, I totally get it. It was just kind of strange reading your inventory.

Oh what the hey… I managed to find a used Snes and used FF3 (us) cart. Add a HD TV. Graphics are kinda off here and there… but hey, I can play FF6 again as it was originally released ! Yay and stuff. I can finally forget about the GBA version…

Oh also… my North American Brown tarantula molted. She’s a Carlsbad Green. Double yay :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve said this before, but this seems to sum up what the majority of the forum’s userbase is doing. Nobody is posting, but you call out someone’s name and they’re suddenly here. I get the feeling we’re all staring at the forum, waiting for someone else to say something first.

Sounds accurate. I don’t really contribute anything but I check from time to time, see if anything neat is going on.

You should change your name to Spider God.

Or Spider Dragon.

♫Spider Dragon. Spider Dragon. Doin’ whatever a Spider Dragon can.♪
♪Can he swing? Perhaps he can. Dragons can do pretty much whatever the hell you want them to.♫
Spider Dragon!

Ninja Edit:

I feel like I could start more threads, especially in Games, but I tend to make boring/uninteresting threads, so I don’t.

Go for it!

Ok, you folks are nuts… in a good way :slight_smile:

I’ve been having a blast going through FF3. For the 1st time in 20 years, I actually went in the Fanatic’s Tower without Mog and the Moogle Charm. The last section before the boss was intense. Thank goodness I was smart enough to equip Flame and Ice shields to protect from Merton, otherwise I would have never reached the top. Getting back down was no easy task either. Glad that bit is over, phew. I will not rename myself, there is little point to it since the forums are hardly active and it would confuse a good deal of people.