last order

im a brand new member, but i havent seen a lick of fanal fantsy: last order, if im wrong please tell me, if not why? this is at least in my opinion one of the best movies on final fantasy

Because story-wise it doesn’t do anything that FF7 and Crisis Core don’t, and what’s more the events in it have been officially retconned as of Crisis Core.

not like its a big deal or anything, but they semi introduce the full team of turks as where crisis core and the original dont even let you know that there are more then the ones you see in crisis core/original final fantay. such as rod, gun, two guns, even the original AVALANCHE

It has? What exactly was countered? (And PLEASE tell me no one else ALSO fell in that darn patch of flowers!!)

retroactive continuity not countered

Retconned means that SOMETHING was changed, thus “countered”. I actually like Last Mission better than Crisis Core… I hope nothing important was removed. (And seriously, what’s the deal with Aeris’ flower patch? I know it’s a “spring” of the Lifestream- but that doesn’t explain why characters KEEP FALLING ON IT!)

Mainly the fight with Cloud and Sephiroth in the Mako reactor. LO retconned the FF7 version and then CC retconned the LO version (when Sephy was stabbed, whether he went right into the Lifestream, what the order of events was, etc.)

I suppose there’s the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it scene of the Turks from Before Crisis, but since that’s never been translated, I didn’t feel it important enough to mention.

Oh, so its mainly a matter of detail? That’s to be expected of updates… as long as they don’t say things like “It was Zack, not Cloud who first defeated Sephiroth” I’m OK with it.