Laptop not booting

So I’ve had my acer aspire 5520 for about a 20 months, and yesterday I put it into hibernate. A short while later I went boot it back up and now all it does is come to the acer screen. Tried taking out the battery and letting it run via ac adapter, nothing. Tried putting the battery back in and nothing. All the lights come on and I can get it to power on and off by holding the power button down. But that’s it. Any idea on what to do?

Have you tried hitting any of the F buttons while the computer is turning on? My old Dell had a problem, and I was able to get to a boot menu using f12 I think. From there I was able to do stuff like run diagnostics or try to run the OS

Ended up having to take it to a shop. Should have it back tomorrow.

Your laptop is not boot. So for that you can try to change your acer aspire 5520 laptop. For that just contact your hardware engineer. I hope when replace battery your problem will be easily solve out.

Random Thought: Ever try taking out the HD and turning on the laptop, then reinserting it and trying again?

I only mention it since I worked on a laptop that would get to the startup screen, but never boot the OS. After tinkering around, I discovered that the HD had gotten out of place, and after getting it back in correctly, I got it to work. For extra laughs, the people who owned it supposedly spent a year or two trying to fix it, and got nowhere.

But of course, it could be something else causing the problem.