Langrisser - After Chaos - First Attempt at a Fanfic

In 21 years and 11 months of life and 18 years of video gaming, I now attempt to write my first fanfiction…

It was 25 years after Ledin restored peace to the realm of El Sallia after defeating Chaos with Langrisser. The Baldea nation was very prosperous, and Ledin and Kris had produced by natural childbirth a succesor to the throne. But there was still something eating away at Ledin, who was now in his fifties at this point. the fact that 25 years ago, he made a promise to his rival about a score that until now, hadn’t been settled. The rival in question was none other than Lance, leader of the Sky Knights and founder of the Kalxath Empire, who has not only fought against Ledin, but also alongside Ledin. And now was the time for Ledin to settle the score.

Chapter 1
The Day Of Reckoning
Inside Baldea Castle, there was a conversation taking place between King Ledin and Queen Kris. They were discussing what Ledin was about to do
"Where are you going?, " asked Kris
Ledin replied, “I am going on a diplomacy mission to Kalxath, I would like to speak with the emperor on a certain matter.”
“Okay,” said Kris. “I’ll see you later”
Kris suspected that Ledin was hiding something, but she couldn’t quite figure out what it was. So she asked Narm, Baldea’s Dragon master, if she knew of Ledin’s plans.
Kris asks, “Narm, Do you have any idea what Ledin might be up to?”
“Yes,” replied Narm, “and I fear the worst.”
“What do you mean by that?” queried Kris.
Narm answered, “By that, I mean he is going to settle the score with Lance.”
Kris then said, “I kinda suspected it, but i didn’t figure it would happen now, we’re at peace with Kalxath, and our son is coming of age very shortly. Why Now?”
Narm replied, “I guess it’s something Ledin has to do.”

Outside Baldea, in eastern El Sallia
Ledin was journeying along to Kalxath, and while that was going on, Lance, Leader of the Sky Knights and emperor of Kalxath, was journeying towards Baldea. Three nights would pass, and the inevitable meeting would begin.
“So we meet again, Lance.” Ledin stated.
“Most certainly, good rival.” replied Lance. “And even though our Nations are at peace, we must settle the score once and for all, in a fight to the death.”
“It is decided.” said Ledin, “and now, we will fight the battle to end all battles.”
As the duel waged on, in the early moments, Lance seemed to have somewhat of an advantage against Ledin, being on a dragon made him more mobile, as Lance got the first blow in. But Ledin countered with a move of his own, using the powers that the Langrisser had given him, knocking Lance off of his dragon with a mighty sword blast. Lance then drew his own sword and proceeded to strike Ledin, this time with less success, as Ledin parried the blow. Ledin was going for the finishing strike as he thought Lance was off guard, but Lance swifty dodged the attack, and struck Ledin with his sword. Ledin then felt the power of the Langrisser coursing through his body, and then let out a powerful blast from the Langrisser, putting lance down for what seemed to be the last time. Then Lushiris, The Goddess of Light, made Her divine intervention and spoke unto both Ledin and Lance, and said, “Stop this senseless fighting. You are descendants of Light, the protectors of El Sallia. You do not need to continue this rivalry any more”
Lance and Ledin looked at Lushiris and said nothing. Her intervention was enough to paralyze both men in fear, and they agreed to a truce so as to not anger Her any more than they may have already. Both Ledin and Lance went back to their separate paths. Ledin then went to talk to Kris immediately. And Peace would reign over El Sallia over the next 75 years. But soon, Egbert, an apprentice of the Divine magician Jessica, and a mercenary named Bernhardt, would soon have other plans. They joined forces with a greater power of evil to form a new empire, but unlike Dalshis, their plans involved Alhazad, the legendary Dark Sword.

And that was my first chapter. The Second Chapter will go in depth and describe the Beginning of the Rayguard Empire, as well as detail the Downfall of Baldea.
And Since I am posting this here, I expect criticism, but fortunately, not much offends me anymore. If you like it, Tell me. If you think it sucks, tell me. Either way, I will write a second chapter.

What I’m wondering is how this would even tie into the next chapter. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m not saying it can’t, but I’m making no connection, here. :stuck_out_tongue:

Meh, it’s non linear like Der Langrisser…or I could make it the third chapter…decisions, decisions. or I could tie it in somehow…but Honestly, I really don’t feel like documenting 75 more peaceful years in the second chapter, that would bore people. maybe I could Improvise, though. I’ll figure something out, and I’ll have the second chapter up sometime next week.

what I’m saying is, if this is the first chapter, it should play some sort of role in the seoncd chapter. Or else, it’s just a bunch of odd, random, unrelated events. :stuck_out_tongue: