Lament for my Playstation 2

When my husband asked me to marry him, he gave me a Playstation 2. Cheesy you say? Perhaps, but appropriate for any videogame addict such as myself.

Yesterday my friend John was over and placed a glass of water on the floor, not close to the PS2, but close enough. Our “special” cat Andy, being retarded, decided he’d like to have a drink of water, but not from his perfectly good cat bowl, instead, he wanted John’s water. So, he knocked it over to reach it better and lapped it up off the floor. Well, the water got into the PS2.

So we let it dry for a couple of hours, opened it up and dried it out some more, put in Chrono Trigger and away we went. About ten seconds into the opening FMV, the PS2 shut off and refuses to come back on. We decided to let if dry overnight, but my hopes are low for a recovery.

John wants to pay for it since he sees it as his fault, but I am not so sure since the stupid cat knocked it over. BUT, we do repeatedly warn people to watch their drinks because the cats will try to get them. And now, I’ve lost my engagement “ring.”

Perhaps a 50/50 split of the cost of a new one? I just don’t know. Except that I intend to get rid of that cat, hopefully by finding it a nice home bereft of expensive electronics.

EDIT: Also my Chrono Trigger disk is stuck inside my PS2, and since it won’t come on the drive won’t open.

that cat should consider itself lucky to be alive. I don’t really have any advice as to the financial part of it, that’s for you to work out on your own.

Most original engagement “ring” ever.

But that sucks,big time so i recomend that if you got the money then do it 50/50.Good thing you are just giving the cat away since some people would have just killed it for doing that.

I’d make the cat pay for it.

Yeah make it work off the cost of the PS2 as a whore.

That just sucks. ;_;

On a similar note, my biggest dream in life is fall in love with a woman who’s just as much of a gamer - if not moreso - as I am. :smiley:

I’m sorry to hear that SpazCat. Why don’t you call a Sony technical support nuber and see if they have any advice. It should be in the instruction booklet that came with the PS2.

My friend’s cat is like that too. I can’t walk away from his dining room table or the cat will jump up and start eating the food it sucks. I’ve always said that I’d give her three strikes: The first two times I grab her and put her on the floor with increasing force, the last strike means that I’ll grab her and kick her like a football and see how far she’ll fly.

If you cant get the ps2 to work anymore you can still easily get your game out by opening it, it takes about 15 screws removed to get to the disc tray, and half of them are really small. So have fun, and kill the cat. Or let me do it, PLEASE?

Get you nails in the gap for the disk tray and try to pull. (Being a girl you should have them longer than mine (I doubt it though)) Once out enough to gasp fingers on pull using tip until you see a disk and then pull abit further. tilt, giggle the PS2 until you get a disk on your lap/(boob-)chest/floor… the throw that balck box in to a bin

Big Nutter
The first step is the hardest

I have the same dream. If she’s big into board RPG’s as well then it’s perfect.

I think it works now. I think. It will take a while to see if it continues to have power trouble or not, but it started a PS2 game, a PSX game, and a DVD movie, so I have a little hope. If it does still have power trouble, then I will get one of those bundles with a network adaptor, because they are the same price as a plain PS2 currently.

crosses fingers that it continues to work

You guys are weird… that cat doesn’t sound retarded, he sounds acceptionally smart :stuck_out_tongue: My cats drink out of cups, from water taps (which they turn on) and eat from the table (though my dad puts them on the floor)

Animal cruelly is so on your asses! :stuck_out_tongue:


yeah dont take your anger out on the cat.

take it out on mog instead.

:moogle: WHAT!!!

or better yet i will.

:moogle: i repeat WHAT!!!

grabs mog and punts him into the sky

:moogle: wagh!! looks like team rockets blasting off again!!