I was playing FFXI earlier today, and I got my chocobo license. After I got it, I went back into Qufim to go leveling. In the first fight, I deleveled. I then died 2 more times before I decided to go back to San d’Oria. Except now I can’t go back because I’m too low of a level to ride a chocobo!! I don’t feel like walking back either(I died like 5 times on my way to Jeuno O_o).

Did you steal someones shoes and they put a curse on you?

Luke, are you refering to that old arabic story about Abu Kassim’s slippers ? (probably not, but ehh, it would be cool if you were)

I have no clue on what you are talking about.

I was referring to ahkeeyuu always stealing ppls shoes in RPGC.

I think someone took back their shoes and left a curse on him.
( or just let him take their shoes but first put a curse on them to affect him.)

ohhhh, that, LOL.

the story of Abu Kassim is about a wealthy merchant who ends up stealing someone else shoes and has a terrible bout of bad luck… here, let me type short version of the story up for ya…

Abu Kassim is a rich merchant who wishes to hide the fact of his wealth in order to get better bargains in trade. To give the appearance poverty he wears a pair of proken down POS shoes in hopes that people will be fooled. But nobody is, instead they all think he is silly and preposterous.
One day, Abu Kassim strikes a great deal in glassware and decides to celebrate it selfishly by himself by taking a nice luxurious trip to the public baths. He levaes his clothes in the anteroom, and a friend berates him for his shoddy footwear. He responds that they are still serviceable,and then enters the bath with his friend. Later, a powerful judge enters the bath house, disrobes, and leaves behind a reallyt nice new pair of shoes. After a bit, Abu Kassim leaves his bath, and cant find his shoes anywhere, instead he finds a pair of the most beautful shoes he’s ever seen. Assuming these are a presant from his friend, he puts them on and leaves.
When the judge leaves, he cant find his shoes anywhere, instead all he can find are the broken down shoes, which everyone knows belongs to Abu Kassim.The judge is angry, and sends servants out to find the missing shoes, and they are soon found on Abu Kassim’s feet. Abu is taken before the magistrate, and serverely fined.
Abu Kassim curses his bad luck,a nd tosses his cursed shoes out the window and into the tigris river. Some days later, fishermen haul in their catch, and find Abu Kassim’s shoes. Enraged at finding someones smelly old mudy shoes amond their nets, they toss the shoes through an open window, that just so happens to be Abu Kassims. the shoes fly through the window and hit the newly purchased glassware and smash it all to hell.
Abu Kassim is heartbroken, and grieves only as a stingy old coot can. He vows that the shoes will do him no more harm, and to be certain he takes them to his garden and buries them. As it happens, his neighbor sees him digging, a job that a servant should be doing, not a wealthy merchant. the neighbors believes that Abu Kassim is doing this job himself to bury treasure he doesent want anyone to know about. So he runs to the Caliph, and informs him of Abu Kassim, because any buried treasure found is property of the Caliph.
Abu Kassim is called to the council and reports that he only buried a bair of broken down POS shoes, and the court laughs at his obvious lie to cover his true and unlawful intent. The Caliph is angry to be thought such a fool as to be given this silly lie, and increases the magnitude of his fine accordingly. Abu Kassim is flabbergasted when the sentance is passed and is obligated t pay.
Now Abu Kassim determines to be rid of the shoes, and takes them on a pilgrimage far out of town and drops them into a pond. As it just so happens, that very pond is one that feeds the city’s water supply, and she shoes get stuck and glog the pipes. The guards dispachted to find the cause of the problem find the slippers, and immediately recognise them, because everyone knows about the shoes Abu Kassim wears. Abu Kassim is again brought before the Caliph on the charge of befouling the city’s water, and is slapped with an even heavier fine than before. The shoes are returned to him.
Once again, Abu Kassim is determined to burn the slippers, but they are still wet, so he sets them on the balcony to dry. A dog sees them and begins to play with them. One of the shoes falls fromt he dogs jaws, and drops to the street far below where it hits a woman passing by. The force of the bloew causes the woman to miscarry. The woman;'s husbnad runs tot he court to seek damages, which are awarded plentifully, and now Abu Kassim, a broken and poor man, is obliged to pay…

Good story huh ?

What does this have to do with FFXI?

If thats the short version, i wanna see the long version. But good story.

Now ahkeeyuu has a good reason to not steal ppls shoes. His might come back to haunt him.

Luke, the length can vary depending on the story teller’s enthusiasm. I coulda made it a lot more detailed, but man, that was a LOT of typing.

Ahkeeyuu, Just because this is the FFC forum, doesent mean it has to be about FF for it to be posted here. Forum description says so.