Lagrange Point Shrine

Hello! Since there is no shrine for this game, I would be interested in taking it on. And since the Join page is broken, here I am.

I beat the game recently, and as I was playing, I noticed there were very few good English resources for the game. However, there were some very good Japanese resources which I relied heavily on. That’s an accessibility issue for most people which I’d like to address, and an RPGC Shrine seemed like the ideal place to do it.

My goal would be to translate and adapt these Japanese guides (relying on their accuracy) into English, and enhance them with images and whatever else I might come up with. My plan is to do the work in three stages: first, publishing the most vital data that’s missing from current English guides; second, adapting the rest of it for completeness of information; and lastly, introducing the enhancements.

(I don’t know if the forum will alert me to replies via e-mail, but if it’s an admin responding affirmatively, you should be able to see my address to contact me, anyway, right? Thanks!)

Sorry for the late reply. Forums aren’t checked as often as they used to be. RPGClassics is mostly an archive site these days and we only rarely accept new shrines: I think there’s been maybe one or two begun in the last decade or so.

If you’re nevertheless interested, could you send an e-mail to

Join page should be (mostly) working again, at least the Create section.

That’s quite alright, I understand completely! The internet has kinda moved on from this format, which is a shame, since I’ve found some of the most usable guides online here. I’m glad y’all are keeping it alive. The internet needs more of this.

I’ll drop an e-mail there shortly. Thanks!