La Pucelle Tactics

What do you do to get the spell “Braveheart”?

If I remember correctly, the easiest way is to have two Aid Rods (or four Aid Staffs). You may have to be a certain level. If so, it’s rather low in the high single digits or teens.

I think this might answer your question

Ok, new question: What level do you have to get the spell at to upgrade it? (from basic to mega, to giga, to omega, or whatever they’re called)

That requires more of those little colored shapes for each one (used to know the number) and certain levels for your characters. Like, this is pure example and not what you need, but let’s say you want Omega Saint. Well, we’ll just assume you need 18 Holy symbols and a base level of at least 50.

I didn’t know this until waaay too late. I’m probobly going to restart my file. :hahaha;

How the crap do you get 18??? Thats like, a really large number!

Item combinations. Like, get four Holy Rods up to Level 10, put them on some monster (preferably with at least 40 SP and 40 Int). The first rod will carry over 4 Holy thingies, and the next three will carry over three, giving you a total of 13. Then it’s easy to get 18. I think I have one item with double digits in 4 elements.

Wow, I DEFINITLY need to do some power leveling. It GETS that high? The highest I have any of my items is like 3! Too bad Im at a REALLY crappy place to do it (On the chapter Prier, Alouette, and Croix are all gone). ARGE

Yeah. Shitty place, unless you can access the… Oh… I forget its name. It’s like the second map of the first dungeon. It’s where you got a tutorial on miracles. Go there with a Rosenqueen survey passed asking for triple XP on next purification. If you use 8 characters and all of your Change-Ups correctly, you can get about 80k and many item levels.