L...M...F...A...O White Wolf's new CTG!

Pimp: The Backhanding!

Am I the only one who finds this hilarious?

Yes, yes you are.

Wouldn’t this be awesome if kids hooked on to this like Pokemon?

Damn stra- I mean, NO!


Oh, great. “Vampire: The Masquerade.” “Magic: The Gathering.” And now stuff like “Playboy: The Mansion” and “Pimp: The Backhanding.” Self-satire, anyone?

HEard abolut it months ago. Surprised it took this long to get to RPGC. man, Epic Gamer was right- RPGC DOES seem to be several places behind everyone in terms of news.

Personally, I can’t find this funny at all. Mainly because My school is for kids with depression and emotional/social issues, so there’s been a few kids whow ere forced into prostitution like in this game. Stuff like pimps and forced prostittution isn’t so funny, adfter meeting people who lived it.

Like, did you also hear about this plane crashing into some building recently?


<img src=“http://www.greyfell.net/vortex/graphix/fg_pilotwings.jpg”>

“Please note: Arthaus Games does not condone or support the illegal sex trade industry. Pimp is a fictional game about the humorous stereotypes created by television and film and is in no way representational of the true horrors of the sex trade. If you would like more information on organizations focused on Women’s Rights and support groups, please visit : http://www.amnestyusa.org/women/ or any of the many organizations providing help for women around the world.”



People are morons.

I say there’s been worse attempts at trying to swindle me out of mah money.

Not my kind of game, thank you. I cannot say that I find it funny as much as I find it just stupid. Then again, I lost interest in White Wolf games some time ago.

Yeah, they used to be really good. Now they seem to just be trying to swindle us out of our money with crap. Back when you played you only needed the core book to play Vampire or Werewolf or whatever. Now they have Vampire: the Requiem AND the World of Darkness sourcebook which you need to play. Not only that, but I’m really not impressed with their new system.