Kyaaaah! :D

While my advanced literature course is going somewhat down the drain for the moment (teacher wants me to write a review for a book but not until now, the third attempt, has he explained what he is after, exactly -_-), I’ve been accepted for a trainee program in Germany for the autumn. :3 I’ll be gone for half a year, possibly even working for a publishing company if I’m lucky. Depends on what the people handling the course can find for me.

Coooool, you can get my Big O fan fic! Of course I will change the names of people and places, which may cause confusing, but the point will still be the same. When can I expect the first edition to be printed?

Btw: Contratulationz.

Congrats Weiila! How’s your german skillz?

Congratulations, Weii. What does the program involve? And what living arrangements will you have in Germany?

Congrats, Weiizor. glomps

Thanks guys XD I’m delighted and a little freaked out at the prospect all at the same time.

My language skills are pretty good, thank you, just really rusty. I haven’t actually made use of them for almost two years. It’s a language course the first seven weeks, the rest is a trainee program at a place the people arranging the course help us find.
And I’ll be living in a student corridor, which will be an interesting experience… interesting as in everyone better hope I don’t go insane and go berserk on the others if I can’t get my daily need of alone and quiet time. >_> Buut, this is me grabbing my own neck and tossing myself into something new. Lordy knows I need to do something different for a chance.

congrats Weiila.


This is indeed an excellent achievement!