Fucking sucks. At least the food is better than Ft. Bragg’s though.

I didn’t know Vietnam had soldiers in Kuwait now.

Say hi to GWB for me

I don’t really like kumquats.


You lucky motherfucker. I’m still stuck here in the states. Garh!

At least you aren’t freezing.

How long is each of your commitments in the military last?

I’m guessing that he’ll be there at least a year since that is the standard Army deployment.

My dad is heading over to Iraq for a year in January. He’s gonna be working on the helicopters.

Just thought I’d share that.

Actualyl he might be. I think the nights there are hella cold. Like most deserts, hot as hell in the day, but freexing at night. Made worse by the fact that your clothes are wet from sweating during the day. I know that in Afghanistan a lto of guys didn’t bring both of their sleeping bags since they thought it would be hot, which it was…during the day. A lot of them froze their asses off at night.

Like my bedroom then.