Kung Fu Nickname

I Started Kung Fu about 3 months ago, and i’ve liked it a lot. I practice Southern Hung Gar, and as a result, have been watching a lot more kung fu movies. I’ve noticed that most people in kung fu movies have their own custom nickname, like “Iron Vest”, “Iron Palm”, “Iron Monkey”, “Giant Crane”, “Divine Power” ect ect. Well, I think i need my own kung fu name. Since i think it would be pretty vain to give myself my own nickname, i’ve decided t ask around, trying to find a nickname that fits me. Now, when your thinking of a good kung fu name be sure to take in mind that i just started, and im not that good. Also humor is a plus…

Here are some suggestions:
Blue Wang
Iron One
Iron Mage
Mage Wang
Blue Power
Giant One
Blue Lightning
Blue Crain
Divine Blue
Divine Mage
Blue One
One Kung
Blue Fu
And last, but not least…
Divine Yo’ Momma

Tender Mage :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool, now do me.

I dont think you really want that or me doing you for that matter either.
:get it?:

Crazy Fist Gen
Wacky Fist Gen

Iron Face Chef

Kung Pow? shrug

Add chicken to the end of that and I think you get a type of food.

Dragon Wang!

I posted the same question at the somethingawful.com threads, and i decided on:

Tupperware Internet Poster

I can’t think of one that isn’t pornographic, i.e. involving the words “well” and “hung” in no particular order X-D

Wild cockerel, perhaps?

The Tin Fist.

Hehehe Blue Fu’s a good name.

Blue Douche One :mwahaha:! Now you will face the wrath of Silent Psychopath :enguard:

I concur.<!-- stupid 10 characters -->