Kung Fu Lion


Well that is just plain moronic. Thinking he could take on a lion, while it’s with its pride! Maybe he should have tried to go after something easier, like maybe a Sloth!

The lesson of this: Kung Fu instructors are prone to fail biology classes. At least this one must have.

Must have been a rather painful experience. And a not so tasteful one for the lion. Poor lion.

Points to quote in sig

Sigh! I’m getting tired of this…

Stupidity is still widespread…:fungah:
I know someone who should stop watching all those Bruce Lee movies.

Ouchie. They don’t call the Lion king of the jungle for nothing. Sounds a bit too dangerous even, to be in a zoo.

Yes yes that is a tad bit on the stupid side.

Yep, this wins the Darwin Award. Give it to the poor moron’s remains.