Kudos, BioWare.

You just know you have a great company when a bunch of unpaid nerds do a better job than you.

This is old, and it’s about Baldur’s Gate 2, but it just suddenly crossed my mind that some of the two or three of you that still play this game might not now about this.

MODs people, a fuckton of MODs.

There are MODs developed for almost anything. New quests, new areas, new characters with plots and quests of their own, new objects, refinements, technical fixes, stupid jokes, new stuff that could have been awesome in the real game and by following a few simple guidelines you can have a new, more fulfilling, 99.99% bugless game. And this is BG2 we’re talking about, the game that’s right up there with KotOR in the “Who the hell beta-tested this shit?” list.

I can go on and on about what MODs to install, when, how and why but first I wanna know if anyone is still playing or at the very least was thinking of playing it again. In any case, here is the complete list of all MODs completed or in-progress available.

Ooh. Is there one for KotOR as well? :smiley: