KotOR2's ending: There's hope yet!


I think I just came.

This sounds like a good idea, but I doubt they will be able to fully restore the deleted content. For one thing, there are a slew of characters (minor ones, in fact) they cut out, and the models for them are most likely not on the disc. Also, the incomplete HK Factory has been out for a while (it was ripped from the XBox version), and although I can imagine them repairing most of the broken scripts and areas (the rip has about half of the stuff on there), there’s still the matter of a closing CGI (which the factory would have most likely had).

And as I said before, I didn’t like the original ending. I have a thing against “everybody dies” kind of endings.

Still, I hope this succeeds, and if Lucasarts has a problem with this, they can go fuck themselved.

However, there were multiple endings. Everybody dies is just one of them.

Great, this is gonna give me reason to replay it and waste even more hours of my busy life. But god damn it’s excellent.

Those are ALL the things KotoR 2 needed! Man I’m happy to hear about the music bit!

Yeah! Now this is exactly what I’d hoped for. Let’s just see if they finish the restoration project.


… now if only I could sustain an interest in such a time-intensive game like the KotOR games … n.n;