KOTOR is not good.

IT’S AMAZING. I haven’t had this much fun with a video game since Chrono Trigger. Story is awesome, gameplay rules. I am currently playing as Level 4 Soldier/ Level 13 Jedi Guardian and the Guardian is kick ass class.

So, does anyone know any good mods for this?

Yeah, KOTOR rules.

I havent played any mods yet, but I heard of one that lets you start off as a Jedi, and another that lets you skip Taris (trust me, its boring the second play through). Sorry, but I can’t say I know the links off my head.

Scoundrel/Guardian = Sneak Jump :smiley:

I’d start on my evil playthrough, but like Ion said, Tarris is so absurdly boring the second time through…

I also like how each character has a interesting background story, and my favourite character has to be HK-47. Isn’t it cool to have a droid that loves to kill?

It sure is, meatbag.

OK, I just beat the game, and it is truly my favourite game all time. I got the light ending, and now I am replaying as a darkside male scroundel/consular.

Malak and Bastila were too easy for my Level 5/15 Soldier/Guardian

I was thinking of playing as a blaster-only jedi. Is it possible?

I’ll probably start off as a soldier, grab alot of the blaster feats, and then become a sentinel, for good vitality and force points plus force-immunity.

It’s possible, sure, but why would you? Plus you’d have a hard time against the higher-level Sith.

I played through as a male Soldier/Guardian also. I’m currently trying to work up the energy to complete the Dark Path as a female Scoundrel/Consular. It’s an awesome game.

I just wanna try it.

I never leveled up my first class more than the required first time. I needed those jedi skillz. SITH RULZ!!!11111!1!!! :spam: