KOSMOS this time

It’s only one month before Xenosaga2 release in Japan.

I never played Xenosaga, but still…excellent art, Sun.

Whoa. 0_o Your drawings are alwasy sweet. Are you self-taught or did you get lessons?

And yay for XS. :smiley:

Self-taught. In fact I don’t know where toget these lessons.

WOW! That’s very impressive for being self-taught, Sun. Congratulations!

And I can’t wait for Xenosaga 2, either!

That is AWESOME! Well done with the self taught thing, you don’t need lessons.

Teach me how to photoshop >>;

… Oh dear. I must increase my Photoshopping. But… argh… no more scanner access-- Argh…

Sun is pretty much excellent.

All it is is the airbrush, and very good shading abilities :stuck_out_tongue:

omg i love that game weeee