Korea could learn something from China

China opens clinic fo Online Game Addicts. What next? A cure to the Zerg rush? A cloudsong lost and found?

Hurrah, it’s much needed. Hopefully it’ll spread.

When I looked at the picture in the article, it made me think they’re using electroshocking treatment.

<a href=“http://slashdot.org/articles/05/10/11/1410253.shtml?tid=95”>Slashdot discussion</a>.

It’s probably just bullshit anyway. It’s like, sure, if you spend hours with your head in a sling getting accufuckture, yeah, you won’t use the internet as much.

They should have this at Universities where game addiction is rampant. I have known quite a few people who have failed out because they end up playing everquest or wow or any other game instead of going to class. One of my friends’ room-mates had accounts to everquest/daoc/asheron’s call at once and we literally only saw one side of his face as he sat in front his monitor playing the entire day.

It’s official. Geekiness is bad for your health.

Pavlov is my hero.

There already is a cure for Zerg rush. It’s called being a pussy who whines about NR until people won’t even play with you anymore.

Read about this a while ago, but I’m glad the clinic is still going and is better than ever. Hopefully more than ONE will be well maintained, given the number of addicts in China.