Dude! This is friggin crazy! Now you can get a diploma and become a p.h.D in UFO’logy and I can’t! I <strike>hate</strike> envy you!

It’s true! I read in the newspaper and then googled for it, came up with these:


And the university chancelour is so X-filish with the way he speaks!

Think of the possibilities. Ufologist is the easiest job on Earth. I bet a lot of people are going to move to Chile after this one.

Meh, UFOs. Go IFOs!

This reminds me that I’m about to graduate with an associates in Psychology… fat lotta good that will do me. And yeah, I know- it took me three years. That’s what happens when you pretty much fuck up your first year of college with socializing rather than working. And then I’m going to have to get a bachelors in psychology, and then I still won’t be able to get any work with just that- so I’ll need to get a masters in psychology, too. Hoorah.

Sorry for derailing your UFO thread with angst. :stuck_out_tongue: