Knytt Stories

Interesting little game. It’s a side-scrolling puzzle-type platformer (inasmuch as things can kill you, but not vice versa), with some MetroidVania elements. And thousands of little details that add to its charm. It’s surprisingly benevolent with the placing of save points, too.

As, yes, I’ve been playing this for a while. The graphical style is very pleasant, but there are some custom levels that are outright vicious in the difficulty department.

Ooh…this is nifty. Very nifty. Good find!

I have been playing Within A Deep Forest lately. It is ARGH GRRR-BAH FRUSTRATING, but … the music and visuals conspire to make you not mind all that much, and it gives you satisfaction when you’ve gotten through whatever obstacle was killing you 136489 times …

There’s a fine line between “Wow-this-is-really-challenging” challenging and “Must-destroy-game-maker-and-all-he-or-she-holds-dear” challenging. That ‘I Wanna Be The Guy’ game is a good example of the latter.

The last level in WaDF, with the flight ball was so FRUSTRATING for me, particularly one spot with sweeping lasers. I never did finish that game because of that. I bet if I went back to it now I could get it in like, 3 tries, though.

As for Knytt Stories, if you want a couple of nifty player-made levels, I’d suggest ‘Don’t Eat the Mushroom,’ for the wtf factor, Scrolly Polly for the awesome gimmick, and It Waits for the unsettling and somewhat creepy atmosphere.

Don’t Eat the Mushroom
Scrolly Polly
It Waits

Yeah … the Shadowlands and the Flight Ball one, I had to uses a walkthrough for.

I’ve actually already played Don’t Eat The Mushroom. :hahaha;