As some of you know, I got a kitty. Her name is Sierra, and I don’t have a camera anymore or else I’d post pictures. But she’s so awesome, but really playful. Anyway, I’m looking for good ways to calm her down. She also likes to nibble on me - whih kinda hurts and is pretty annoying. How do I stop that :\

<strike>Throw her out of the window.</strike> Go somewhere else to be un-nibbled? And do remember it’s still a young one. No time for manners yet, see? >:)

Oh, and congrats. Wish I had someone to talk to too in the lonely days. But alas, no pets in our house anymore it seems :confused:

When she starts being too playful, give her some meat so she stops. A bone works too. And when she starts nibbling you, move away and if that doesn’t work, give her a light tap on the top of her nose. I learned the hard way you have to discipline them sometimes or they end up insane.

Aww, she sounds like a wonderful little kitty. Congratulations! 8)

Since you got her at a young age, I’ll give you a tip. If she starts clawing furniture, be sure to let her know it is wrong, and let her know now. If she gets into the habit, she will keep it up for the rest of her life, and clawing furniture is possibly the worst habit a cat can get into.

Treat her with love and be patient with her, and she will reward you in spades. Wait until you come home one day after a really crappy school day, and then she runs up to you and makes a cute mewing sound, then brushes up against you, and you’ll see what I mean. 8)

I can’t believe i’m doing this, but…


congratulations man! pass the cigars around and have a good life!
Cats are so cute, especiall when they’re young, and one day it’ll be all grown up and going to college, getting a job, married and all kinds of experiences await you!
uh… wrong species, sorry…

I second that. Same thing goes for climbing on tables, desks and kitchen counter if you don’t want her to develop the habit of throwing everything on the floor to get your attention.

Your cat’s a baby. She needs to play and spend energy on something. You’ve probably already thought about it, but you can use varied accessories to play with or occupy her. Cats normally like running after shoes laces, small ropes or balls (like ping pong ones). She might prefer nibbling those instead of you.

A good way to keep some cats entertained is to hold something like a ball on a string just dangling out of their reach. Move it around, and watch how closely they keep their sight on it. It’s very funny to see. 8)

You don’t give kittens meat, meat isn’t good for them at that size. It gives them the shits, and bones are dangerous since sharp pieces of them can get lodged in the kitten’s throat. And you shouldn’t discipline a small kitten, they may grow up to hate you because you were mean to them. You just have to put up with their insanity until they’re fully grown, about 4-6 months, and then it’s easier to discipline them because they have the mental capacity to associate what they just did with the punishment. If you have to punish them then a light spritzing with water from a spray bottle may work, but it’s still better to discipline then when they’re old enough to understand. Kittens are like babies, you have to care for them, not punish them.

Congrats Sorc!

A good punch in the eye will fix her problems…

But if you dont want to be violent, a very humane and recommended solution to teaching kittens what is right and wrong is using a little water squirt bottle. When they do somthing bad, say “NO” or “Bad!” and squirt them. It wont hurt them at all, and they will learn not to do those things. Eventually just saying no will work. However, be warry not to over do it, if you squirt her too much she’ll think you just want to be mean to her and will grow affraid of you.

I’ve had 5 cats, this has been a refined technique.

Cats are strange creatures. Their response to punishment is an interesting one. Sometimes, they stop the behavior, sometimes they stop the behavior in front of you, sometimes they get belligerent, and sometimes they get distracted by chimerical beings, which they see it as their born duty to slay.

A few notes:
1 Too much affection breeds a skittish cat, because cats don’t always like to bothered
2 Too little affection breeds a violent cat that uses pain and suffering to get attention
3 Often, a kitten’s attack is just a game, and it doesn’t understand that it has hurt you. respond as though it did hurt, and it will learn that claws hurt you. Now its just a matter of whether it wants to cause pain or not.
4 Kittens are waging a constant war against their imaginations, interrupting this crusade will only stifle your cats spaz-factor, and create a maladjusted cat.
5 Pray that your cat was born to be a lazy cat, they are so much easier to deal with.

Find something around the house for her to play with. I find that pet stores suck at this kind of thing. Cats make their own toys, and will totally ignore any that you buy for them. An ex friend of mine got her first cat when we were both little and her family went overboard with the toys, scratching post and chase the ball thing. The cat never touched any of it and became quite the skittish, timid creature.

Clhoroform or Tranquilizers = one calm kitty.

[QUOTE=Sorcerer Anyway, I’m looking for good ways to calm her down. She also likes to nibble on me - whih kinda hurts and is pretty annoying. How do I stop that :[/QUOTE]

You can’t calm her down, it’s a kitten, it’s going to flip the fuck out occasionally. Just enjoy it while you can because in a little while it’s going to be a fat ass furball that sleeps 30 hours a day. If you don’t want her to nibble, then don’t move ever. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, just tire it out before bed, anything that moves (String, little balls, cat toys) is good.

Just say no in a stern voice.

man, you are sick, and mean. plus you can like seriously kill or injure doing that.

It was ment as a joke. I DOUBT anyone would do something like that, unless they are satan.

I personally prefer dogs, but cats are pretty cool too. I hope it has a long and happy life.