Well, I got up at 10 to 8 this morning, drove to the border, realized we were missing my ID, drove BACK home, got my ID, drove BACK to the border, crossed into the states then drove for 3.5 hours to my Aunt’s house where I got a pure bred, 8 week old rag doll kitten. PICTURES!
Mad looking mother cat
Dead beat dad cat
Wesley, my kitten, prepares to pounce!
Big Sister Bella
Wesley and his brother prepare to murder me from beneath the cabinets.
Mmmm…outdated audio equipment And the 3.5 hour nap home begins…

allright. gimme one!

So cute! ^^

by the way your house looks pretty decent- I was half expecting you to live in some kind of slum :stuck_out_tongue: uhh I mean… I LOVE KITTIES! XD

How many did you get? =o


Cute! ^^

Can I have one?

aww there so cute.

that is they would look cute if it wernt for that glare in there eyes that make them look like there from stephan king’s pet cemetary. :moogle:

I’m coming for your electronics.

That was my favorite picture btw.

It’s not my house :P. It’s my aunt’s house. I took one home 'cause the rest had been either claimed by other relatives or purchased for 400 american dollars. I already have a full grown cat who is a small cat but now looks HUGE in comparison. You should hear the sounds she is making at the new kitten, Wesley, she sounds like a wookie. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice <strike>laserdisc player</strike>cat.

I am very jealous.

Kitty! :3

I always thought cat’s eyes reflected green light. Shows what I know.

Ah! That’s not fair! I have to wait another 2 1/2 weeks to get my kitten. Although at the moment atleast the cat we have already is only nine monthes old, and purres alot, and is sitting on the desk right next to me. :slight_smile:

Rag doll kittens are cute. :3

wow… just love the red eyes… I’m gonna have to get lenses like that someday… and a new cat cuz my cat is like 13 years old and dementing:P wich is fun at times but not always

That third one looks like a half-melted T2 cat, what with the one glowing eye and all.

The Kiitynator. >_>

Aww, cutenesses! I love cats… As long as they keep their distance.

Remeber the thing about when he head butts you or the Fridge/Cubards: Feed ME!

Big Nutter

Thats what i thought, might just be the camera. How old is kitty?


Yeah my cat acts extra friendly when it wants food. =/

That is one cute kitty, Boss Jango! I’m so jealous, cause I want a kitty of my own! But I shgouldn’t get any, as long as my sister’s cat E.T. is still around. Still, I can’t wait for my very own kitty1 ^^

My dad has a couple of little kitties, and they’re cuter, so I’m not jealous. :stuck_out_tongue: