Kingdom Hearts item synthesis

I am almost done with KH II but I want to get all the rare items before I go kick Xemnas butt for good. I have already synthetized the Save the Queen Wand and the Ultima Keyblade. However, I cannot seem to find the Twilight Gems I need for the Save the King shield. The guide says the assassin Nobodies drop it, but I kill the ones at the World that Never Was and they NEVER drop anything! (besides magic bubbles.) Is this a quirk in my copy, or a mistake in the guide (I already found one error, it says that the Armored Knights drop Lightning Crystals but it turns out they drop Lightning gems instead.) Help anybody?

PS: I know about the Lucky Lucky ability, I have got five active on my party (6 if we count the Lucky ring) and STILL the Assassins will not drop the gems.

Getting the synthesis items was frustrating enough for me to put the game down for a little while; I’m trying to complete the lists before finishing the game.

The Assassins do drop the gems, but the chances of them dropping them aren’t all that great, and there aren’t many of them to fight to increase your chances by proxy. I don’t think it’s a quirk…

That’s funny, I remember getting most of my materials required during actual gameplay, since I didn’t bother synthesizing much during the first half of the game, just brought all my junk to the shop every now and then.

Especially during the hunt for the Ori plusses, I got the remaining materials. The whole process of getting the junk you need is also an excellent way to power up your forms… and in the process, with the movement skills, yourself. Since you’re fighting Nobodies, Final Form, anyone?

Just keep running back and forth through the final dungeon (especially the last couple rooms, they tend to have the biggest variety of Nobodies) with all 7 Lucky Lucky abilities equipped and you’ll get them. Eventually…

I got them! I had placed the Lucky Ring on Rikku (who was not in my party when I fought the assassins); maybe that’s why it didn’t work before. Today I switched it over to Donald, and got all the Twilight Gems I needed in three fights!!

Or maybe the stupid game just felt like giving them to me at last. What-ever!

I see I still have several items under “creations” that I haven’t discovered yet… should I bother synthetizing them? Will they be visible if I level up the Moogles more? (They’re level 7 currently).

Another question: How do I get the last two cups open (in Hades’ Colliseum?)

You should bother synthesizing them if you want to see the secret ending and you’re not on Proud Mode. I know to get the very last cup available you need to level up all your forms and summons to their max (put the cursor over Experience to see how to level up each of them) and get to level 99 (this is actually much easier than it seems by doing Magnegas at the top of Pride Rock, and it appears that this was intentionally put in for that purpose).