Kingdom Hearts 2 help

All right, I’m not all that great at these things sometimes… I’ve just gotten back from the Tron world, and my next task is fighting Demyx/Deryx/whatever that guy’s name is who has the sitar and plays with water in Hollow Bastion. Seriously, this is kicking my ass. I can barely get through the first timed portion, and after that it just goes downhill.

Any constructive advice regarding strategy/abilities/equipment/etc. is appreciated.

What mode are we talking about and what skills do you have? Unless you are seriously underleveled, I can’t see how he can give you too much trouble.

By the way, a random pice of advice: Use all AP Boosts on Sora. He gets way more skills here, while Donal and Goofy mostly get by with accessory boosts.

I’m playing in the standard mode, and I’m at level 32. I have mad skills (ha ha, of course I do!), but is there one in particular I need to be using?

I’m also working on speeding up my reaction time on the reaction command in the battle - should I be relying on that heavily?

Pretty much any time the reaction command comes up, it should be used. Turning Auto-X (Limit, Summon, Drive) abilities off helps with this.

Yeah, just keep hitting the reaction command button. It comes up pretty much all the time. When he’s by himself then, just beat the shit out of him.

All right, I’m beyond frustrated. I’m supposed to beat ten of those stupid things in ten seconds? :expressionless: fksdjghdfkglhadfl;gkhadifygioeruagoyu;

A reaction command called Wild Dance should constantly pop up, which allows you to grab one of the water mirages and swing it around killing everything in your path. Besides using the reaction command whenever possible, just aim in the enemy’s general direction and slam the attack button like an ape. That’s actually a useful technique for most of the game ¬_¬

The first time I fought him, I got my ass kicked big time even when I used the reaction command. I pwned him with ease after I lvled up a bit though.

Reaction command is the way, no real strategy. I failed in the 10 seconds one the first time, but managed the 2nd. Takes a bit of luck too.

I finally did it last night. Thanks for the encouragement and the advice to use that reaction command like it was going out of style! I ended up having to do the 10 second thing twice, and I freaked out when it happened - I was thinking “Man, I’m doing so well, and I don’t want to lose with some cheap timed crap!”

So, anyway, yeah!

If push comes to shove and you do that part again you can use Donald’s limit comet. That clears the thing in under 7 seconds.

I just finished the game today. Man Xemnas is a bitch. I cant say it was hard, just frustrating. I guess I’m used to easy as hell boss fights at the end of a squaresoft game, I got a little soft. But this dude was somewhat challenging.

I’m 89% of the way through the Journal. I’m surpised I had that much stuff accomplished unintentionally. It almost makes me want to go back and finsish it. Got the ultimate weapon, got my ass kicked by sephiroth (Lvl 64, mind you) and that’s about all to report.