Kingdom Hearts 2 and Kingdom Heart : Chain of Memories

<Img src=“”> More Kingdom Heart games

While you may have seen stuff on FF7-2 (with no sign of Cloud using the dress up system), you might not heard that they annouced and shown pictures of Kingdom Hearts 2. Not only that, but they also annouced Kingdom Hearts : Chains of Memories for the GBA. That also has screenshots too.

Having not completed Kingdom Hearts due to that asinine Aladdin level, I’m going to hafta wait on that.

Awesome…but i still have to play Botaki and FFTA first…

If I had a PS2 that would be really something, but it’s cool nonetheless.

Well if those pics are real it looks like Sora is the star of the next KH game and not Riku. WOO

Kickass! This is gonna fuck up soooo many theories.

Heh damn i was comming to post the same thing =)

I saw it too and i cant wait till it comes out.

About the FF7-2 is not a game is a movie called Final Fantasy Advent Chidren taking place 2 years after the game(sorry for being off topic)

Kingdom Hearts for the GBA! Kingdom Hearts for the GBA!


Now I need to get off my ass and replace my SP AC adaptor.

Whoa, those games look so sweet.
That sucks that FF7-2 is a movie though… Should be a game.

Way cool, but having not beteen Kingdom Hearts yet, I may hold off on buying them the second they come out. (I kinda get too addicted to leveling up in the coloseum :p)

I hadn’t considered the possibility of a movie rather than a game, but now that I think about it, it sounds like a much better idea. Even though the ending of the Final Fantasy 7 was so open ended, it was still offered enough closure so that a sequel would have been difficult. Besides, the final scene takes place 500 years in the future, so that will technically play no role in this movie.



Sounds soooo completely mad! I loooove it! Oh yeah…it will screw up a heck of a lot of theories, 'cause I have seen so many, I could make up a sight of never-ending KH theories!

Man, a FF7 movie and KH2. What could be better?

Gemini is run over in the parking lot

Eh, almost, but not quite.

You know, I have yet to play KH1.

Must. Finish. KH shrine. Now. :eek:

Or when I get home

Yes, yes you must. So it can be done on time for me to make 90% of the KH2 shrine then sluff it off on someone :stuck_out_tongue:

The new KH games look kickass. I was reluctant to get KH1 at first, but it was pretty good, so I can’t wait for the sequel.

I also agree that FFVII should be a game instead of a movie. It would be a lot better, and I remember a quote from an FFVII trailer I saw a long time ago:

“They said it couldn’t be done as a major motion picture. They were right.” -Line from FFVII trailer

Why start movies on it now?

Originally posted by Zombie_Ori
Yes, yes you must. So it can be done on time for me to make 90% of the KH2 shrine then sluff it off on someone :stuck_out_tongue:

Damn right :stuck_out_tongue: