King of Fighters Maximum Impact

Standard Iga fighting game thread.

Who else got it? I got the double pack (with bonus DVD that sucks), and quite frankly, I’m disappointed in it. While the english voices are extremely crappy (and funny), the gameplay is somewhat good if only a tad bit too fast (they should have spent more time doing the animation instead of rendering the models. Clothing looks spot on, especially Chae Lim…drools).

It’s a good game, only SNK/Playmore should have done better. It’s way better than all the 3-D games they’ve done before combined, but it’s not the Capcom Killer many have been waiting for. The game is very unbalanced (Alba and Kyo OWN this game).

Basically, everything that they should have spent a little bit less time on, they made very detailed (such as the character models) instead of arranging the gameplay, and the game suffers for it. Rent it to see how it’s like, and to see how much the english voiceovers SUCK (It’s…OH MAH GAWD sucky…PIMPING sucky…it’s really that damn bad).

I’m personally gonna check out Maximum Impact 2 to see if they’ve improved on it.

Also, Duke is the most BADASS King of Fighters boss ever.

Mediocre 2D fighter turns 3D…

throws up

Anyway, it LOOKS good… I dont know why the hell companies cant just make better sprites and keep with the GOOD forumla of 2d fighters… It seems like just because you CAN make somthing 3d, everyone and thier mother is wanting to give up on the gameplay roots of all the classic series out there.

I’ve never liked SNK fighters; they’re all waaaay too special move-based. So, make it 3D? You’re just opening the doors for unbalance land :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve yet to play a balanced 3D fighter, and I doubt KoF Maximum Impact will be the one. :stuck_out_tongue:

KoF '98 was probably the most balanced fighter ever, if you removed Terry (DP Rising Tackle > anything), everyone was good in this game.

Apparantly, I’m the only one that appreciates SNK fighters here, but MI wasn’t a bad idea, it wanted to revitalise and introduce a series which wasn’t all that well-known in the States. Too bad that :

a) The localized voice-overs suck (Kyo sounds more manly than at least 99% of this forum…)
b) The animations are way too fast (Buster Wolf and Galactica Phantom start way too damn fast. The Galactica Phantom is landable, which is a fallacy)
c) Grapplers in this game are doomed (Clark, mostly, but any person with a command grab starts with one less move)

Basically, they set the groundwork for what could have been the greatest 2-D to 3-D conversion, but, while they didn’t fail miserably at it, they didn’t succeed.

And SG, you should rent it just to hear the voices…they’re that damn awful :P. I don’t know what you consider to be the most awful voice work ever, but Maximum Impact, well, it tops that.