King Diamond

When I first saw a picture of this guy on roadrunner records, I thought to myself that this band was just another cokehead-gothtard black metal band. But before I searched for this band I was listening to Roadrunner United’s song “In the Fire”. I was like this song kicks ass, whos the vocalist for this song. Turns out it was the King himself. I was like WTF I need to find more songs by them. Turns out the only song I can find by them is “No presents for Christmas” (and this song is crazy) So if anybody listens to this band please send me some links so I can listen to them some more! and names of their other songs.

King Diamond and his other band, Mercyful Fate, are some of the most awesome bands ever. I saw King Diamond perform, and they blew the fucking roof off of the place. And his showmanship? Jesus Christ, it was more like a ritual than a concert, it was awesome!

You should check out anything from the album Abigail to start, although nearly anything from either band is just awesome. Pay attention to the lyrics, too, because most of the time the songs on the album are elaborite stories.

Hail to the King, motherfucker!! Them and Abigail are essential pieces of music.

Cokehead-gothtard black metal band? The King will have your head for that, peasant.

King Diamond are amazing, same with Mercyful Fate. Definate albums to check out would be King Diamond’s “Abigail” although “Fatal Portrait” is killer as well. Specific songs to check out from those two albums would be “The Candle” and “Charon” off of Fatal Portrait and “Arrival”, “The Possession”(that has one of the best riffs in it ever), and “Abigail” (that has one of the best keyboard solos in it).

As for Mercyful Fate, ANYTHING off of “Melissa” or “Don’t Break The Oath” are mandatory listens for any metal fan as those two albums are about as classic as you get without being Judas Priest or Iron Maiden. There is a lot of variety with those two albums, you have slower songs(not many mind you), fast ones, and long epic ones. My personal recomendations would be “Evil” and “Curse Of The Pharoahs” off of Melissa and “The Oath”, “Come To The Sabbath” and “Gypsy” off of Don’t Break The Oath.

And yeah, I saw King Diamond live in Germany, holy fuck he puts on a great show! Great stage pressence and the whole band was solid as musicians in general. Most definately a band worthwhile of checking out if you haven’t heard them.

Just to deviate from the general consensus, listen to Conspiracy and The Eye. Spider’s Lullabye is pretty cool too. In these albums Andy LaRocque (his guitar player) showcases his skill and the KD songwriting lives up to it.

If you are more old school type get Abigail.

Good luck finding them though.

My mind, upon reading the thread title, immediately went to Diamond King of Trolls.

They aren’t that hard to find if you look in the right places, IE metal record shops etc.

Online I meant.

Online would be even easier I would imagine. Probably way cheaper as well. I would search for those two albums specificaly right now but I have some bass to play.

Well Im getting my friend to download the cd “Abigail” for me. I told him who sang “In the fire” and he went insane cranking it up. He checked them out and now loves the King. Now he is burning copies of it for us.