Kind of odd problem involving Nero...

I just installed the latest version of Nero. Following said installation, the icons for all my media files changed into Nero icons - despite the fact that Nero is not set to as my default media player for anything.

On top of that, all my image files have changed their type to “Image.NeroPhotoSnapViewer.Files9.jpg”, or whatever relevant file type, and all their icons display as the “unknown file type” icon. I can open and edit them with no trouble, but I can’t seem to create a new image file by right-clicking and selecting “new” anymore.

Is this a solvable problem, or will I have to uninstall Nero?

EDIT: Someone resolved this for me. Please delete this thread.

Go into Photoshop and select “save for web”. You wont lose a lot of quality but it will cut down the file size dramatically.