Kimba The White Lion

anyone seen this?
wasent Lion King a ripoff from it?
it was from Japan right?

I’m not sure which idea came first, but yes they are EXTREMELY similar, I’ve only seen a few eps but I already know he has an Uncle with a scar on his eye(Hmmmm where does that sound firmiliar from?).

Kimba came before Simba. Actually, Disney faced a huge-ass lawsuit and had to pay some serious cash for copyright violation.

I thought that there was something called “Paradoy Right”

Except it wasn’t a parody, Lion King never mentioned any relation to Kimba. If you don’t state that your work is a parody, it’s considered ripoff.

They both would have been based off of an old story from ye tymes of olde. But you can’t copy a story and say it’s a parody, that’s just blatant copywrite voilation.

Same deal with Disney’s Atlantis and the old show Secret of Blue Water [or something like that].

Yes, Kimba came first (I saw it as a child). And there are definitely too many similarities between it and Lion King to have been coincidences. However, as far as I know Disney never admitted anything. Nor did I know about them paying the original creators for copyright infingement. Seraphym, were did you hear that?

One thing I DO know (because I read about it on a magazine article) is that Osamu Tezuka’s daughter stated that, had her father lived to see Lion King, he wouldn’t have been offended, he would’ve been flattered. He used to be a BIG Disney fan, and you can see the influence in his art (the Mickey Mouse eyes) which in turn influenced nearly EVERY other form of anime. (Of course, that doesn’t mean the STUDIO that made Kimba would be happy about it.)

As for parody rights, if I understand the laws correctly, a parody has to be done in a way that mocks the original. Also, you can only parody things once. Neither fact applies to Lion King.

And my friends over at the Oddball Comics Boards (which is frequented by many big-time animation insiders) say that the resemblances between Nadia and Atlantis aren’t enough for the latter to be considered a rip-off of the former.