Killzone 2

Is a highly unpleasant experience. The presentation and artwork and music are nice. The characters/story are awful. The gameplay and design is terrible. Essentially, you’re always being attacked from all sides while having no real cover and a truly incompetent AI as a helper character.

What story? It’s a run of the mill FPS, not fucking Half-Life 2.


Edit: I will give them this: Brian Cox as Visari is one of the best performances, however brief, in gaming. It only draws contrast to how awful the writing is for whoever is not a Helghast. Ironically, after I saw the ending, Visari was right. his murder made him a martyr and made me even more sympathetic to the Helghast than I already was

I thought he was marlon brando.

I liked not having much cover. It made it a lot harder, until I found out that the knife is a one hitter. The AI was horrible, I just killed them, I killed everybody.

And don’t you just fucking hate that black guy’s voice actor? God, it sounded like a little kid trying to sound like an adult.


And the cover system! What the fuck were they thinking!

Its not that there wasn’t any cover, its that the cover system didn’t work.