Killmore's Belated 1000th Post Questionnaire Thread Extravaganza!!!

Ask and you shall receive…maybe?

If Kirby and Solid Snake got into a fight, who would win?

What do you like least and most (in that order) about RPGC?

What is the book “Red Dwarf”?

How many fingures am I holding up right now? Do you want to get to know me better?

Fill in the Blanks:

_ _ _ a _ _ _ _, _ _ _ _ _; _ _ _ _ a _ _ _ _ .

All I ask is that you cyber with me.

edit: also, as I type this, your post count says ‘984’. What’s with this?

Killmore is actually doing it the right way. You make a thread like this before you reach 1000 posts, then you answer all the questions with your thousandth post.

The 984 part of it just happens to be delicious coincidence.

Didn’t you have a blog, Killmore? And why does your name rhyme with Fulgore?

Why doesn’t Kexmex know Red Dwarf? :frowning:

I’m Swedish; I’m excused.

Killmore, do you like robots?

What is your main goal in life?

Can you name twenty countries without resorting to search engines or encyclopedias?

What’s your favorite book?
What, exactly, are we going to “Killmore” of? Other than the usual baby artic seals, of course.

What sort of books do you like to read?

Will polka ever die?

I’ll have to wait for Brawl to find out.

The lack of updates < the general attitude shared by most of the many people who congregate here < (the free porn; if only I were a mod though ;_; )

It’s either a book about a dwarf that is also red or it’s a rather depressing book based upon a not quite as depressing British Scifi TV show.

I don’t know. What are fingures? If you meant ‘fingers’ though I would have to assume 3 (one for each hand)

Mwhahaha,hahah;ahahahaha. Boy laughing that hard really takes it out of you.

I’d love to, but first we’d have one of those really goofy looking bicybers. I felt that it was the time, also The_984 has already answered your question, also also thank you The_984, also also also


Nope…unless you mean gasp El Eromllik! Did you ever stop to think as to why it rhymes with Cold Sore?

I’ve never been to Sweden before so I couldn’t tell you, but if I had to venture a guess it would probably have something to do with wobbly CD racks and rancid meat balls.

Verily. As to your question about my loving robots I haven’t yet, but I am willing to learn.

Not to have it end like this guy’s.

Chad, China, Peru, Argentina, Egypt, France, Belgium, Germany, Kuwait, Russia, Columbia, Syria, Iceland, Portugal, Mongolia, India, Indonesia, N. Korea, Brazil, and Texas.

I don’t really have one, but if I had to choose it’d be any book with pictures of how to maneuver your pieces so that your partner’s bishops are pined down and the queen is exposed to an attack from the rear. People who ask me what am I going to ‘Killmore’ of.

Holy Scriptures of course. Didn’t you see my response to TrkJac’s question? As to your question about polka dying…NEVAR!!!

Ok, that answers my question :wink:
Nicely done.

I don’t know. What are fingures? If you meant ‘fingers’ though I would have to assume 3 (one for each hand)

OMG YOUR RIGHT! You didn’t answer my other question though!

Do you want to get to know me better?

Also, congratulations ON YOUR 1000TH POST!!! YAY KILLMORE!

Oops! My bad.

The problem with that is that I won’t be able to know if I want to know more about you until I know more about you. With that said. Sure! I’m ok with it…I guess? <.<

Originally Posted by Rper_of_doom
Also, congratulations ON YOUR 1000TH POST!!! YAY KILLMORE!

Also, thanks.