Killmore's 3.5k Post Redemption Thread

Okay, so after some interest was shown in the newest introduction thread (and clearance from Nulani), I’ve decided to make a celebratory post milestone AMA thread just in case this forum gives up the ghost before I can hit 4k.

Also pay no attention to the fact that my current post count is 3.501k and will be roughly 3.502~3.51k by the time responses come.

Also also, Sorcerer, you better not be thinking about starting up your own post count milestone AMA thread just because you’re 5 posts away from 5.5k, because I will crush you (in number of asked questions). :suckah:

Kill more or less?

I’ve read about these threads before; but can’t really remember how they work exactly… mind filling me in? :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually hadn’t made the connection that these threads were AMAs. That’s pretty rad, we did it before reddit (of course, I stole the idea from some where else). I’ve done plenty of these, I don’t think anyone would care to ask me anything anymore.

edit: Forgot the question! You seem to be one of the most active members of the site. Am I missing something, or are you pretty much just talking to yourself?

how did you come to RPGC? what’s your favorite memory here?

What would happen if The 984 had not spoken?

[STRIKE]Faces of Evil, for its hot Dodongo bombing action.[/STRIKE]

That said, I’m kinda torn on the matter at the moment. ALBW was a surprisingly good game, both as a remake and in its own right, but it felt like it was missing something from the original that I find difficult to put into words. I guess ‘Gravitas’ would be my best guess. In the end, I suppose I would still have to place ALttP ahead of it, but only because ALBW’s ending theme was such a letdown compared to the original.

I should hope more given the MP costs.

Sure. The basics involve starting a thread asking for questions from others, then waiting [STRIKE]for a pre-determined amount of time to pass[/STRIKE] for when you feel like updating to answer them. Like so.

Nah. I just happen to come once a month or so. Unfortunately, it’s for that very reason why my girlfriend left me.

I googled RPGs back in like 2000 and 2 and proceeded to lurk until 2000 and 6. I guess my fav mem would either involve getting a question into the Mailbad before it failbag’d, filling out blind March Madness prediction brackets that one year, watching my first post on the site turn into a popular thread (since it was a character predictions thread for Smash Bros. Brawl), or just spending the time looking up information about classic RPGs since, prior to coming onto this site, I had no clue that even half of the (at the time) listed games existed (and half of the games that I did know of, I didn’t know anything about).

Then I would have nothing to say.

That’s what they turned into. The original method, back on the old EzBoards, and as started by Sorc, was to make the thread a few posts before your milestone post count (1000 usually) then answer all the questions with that milestone post count post. But then it sorta got changed into people making the thread on their milestone post and answering it later like you said.

Faces of Evils: Such an aptly named game. ALTTP’s ending theme might be the best ending theme I’ve heard, so it’s a high bar to clear. I thought you preferred LA to ALTTP though - wasn’t it so or did you change your mind?

Also, are jrpgs less culturally relevant or am I getting old and if the former, why?

Both games (and really every game up until TP) have their own strengths and weaknesses but my preference has always been towards aLttP over LA.

As for JRPGs being less relevant in this day and age, I feel that its a combination of other genres becoming more verbose and story heavy, the time and costs of development rising, the genre itself not really changing all that much, and many of the old guard developers either moving away from the genre almost completely or abandoning old properties (or converting them into CCG games which might as well be the same thing). That said, I wouldn’t say that the genre is anywhere near the grave, I just wouldn’t expect much out of the older series.

Can I wish for more wishes?

What’s your favorite video gaming experience?
When you were a kid, what’s a game you really wanted and when you got it sucked?

Sure. You can have even the washiest of wishies.

My fave experience? A tough choice between beating A Link to the Past with only the minimal amount of help, beating Secret of Mana for the first time, renting Star Fox during the Late Spring/Early Summer of 93, and figuring out just how much of an SRPG nut I am when I rented FFT back when it first came out.

Most disappointing though would probably have to be finding out just how much those Zelda 2 clones (i.e. Faxanadu, Ys 3, and especially The Battle of Olympus since I saw that game exactly once when I was like 5 or something, thought it was Zelda 2, turned out to be something different when I finally got and played through Zelda 2, which bugged the heck out of me for years, then I found out it was this game) sucked. Not that Adventure of Link was the most well made game considering how many flaws are carried within the side-scrolling, RPG, platformer with bottomless pits and everything, genre, but at least its a far better experience to the other three.

Not sure what the runner-up would be simply because, even though I finally got it a few years ago, the Sega Genesis version of Disney’s Aladdin (the one with the sword; i.e. the “cool” one) is unfortunately still in my monstrous backlog.

Also, a question for your Sorcerer. Are you going to do one of these AMA threads for your next post?