Kikaider's already over?

It’s been three weeks or so, like, 15-20 episodes. That’s just sad. I like the show and all, but it was quite short.:hmm:

Yeah, it was short. I don’ think it needed anymore episodes though. I liked the series and all, but it got too preachy at the end anyways…

All that matters to me about the show is that Jiro0 finally got soem ACTION! Whoo yeah!

Imagine if common sense was put aside and Mitsko (sp?) had Jiro’s baby. They’d be, like, half robots and umm… okay, all I can think of was that they’d be half robot.

They ripped me off with the action sequences. “Hey, I got a good idea, let’s focus on a tree or switch the scene over to Mitsko whenever Jiro transforms into Kikaider and ruins everyone’s shit!” I wanted to see him waste all of those robots in the last episode, not Mitsko running around a building.

Having a series nice and short like that lets us avoid watching the pointless stock episodes that make up more that half of a given long series like Sailor Moon or Inu Yasha.

I only got to see the last five eps… and I want to see the start… ;_; :frowning:

Don’t know how many of you watched it last night…but…doesn’t look like it’s over!

(Unless I missed this episode during the first run, but I don’t think so.)

It’s not! Fwaha!

Ok… NOW it’s over?

There can always be clones and/or brain downloading.

It’s done and I have to say that OVA was one of the worst pieces of crap I ever saw. I likd the Boobie lights on that one female robot, though.

I thought it was ok considering it was a re-hash from a live-action show from sometime in the mid-70s. I suppose that’s why it had that “old style” look to it. It had the look and feel of something from that era in spite it being computer-animated.