Kidou Senshi Gundam Cross Dimension 0079

What do epacs and mags do? I would also like some recommendations about what to boost at level up. I raised my move to 3, close attack to 6, close def. to 3 and aim def. to 3. this is at level 5 or 6.

EPACs recover AP (your health), and MAGs recover your ammo gauge (the red bar on the left side of the screen, you have to have a beam rifle or bazooka before it shows up though).

As far as leveling up goes it depends on your style of fighting. I personally hate using the guns so I boost my close attack and skills attack more than my long attack. I’d recommend trying to keep your defenses pretty even just so you don’t have a weakness. Of course once you get to level 25 none of this matters as you’ll have gained plenty (I think just enough points if I remember correctly) points to max everything out. Your health increases at level up regardless of what stat you boost.

Hope that helps. Feel free to ask anything else, I’ll try to answer it. I’m pretty sure I’m the only person on the boards that has beaten the game but I could be wrong.

is there anyway to use guns or skills after moving, or do I just get a standard slash for that?

I’ve never really thought about that. I’m pretty sure you can only use the beam saber slash after moving. Try out some of the other buttons instead of the A button and see if the mobile suit uses its B-Guns or something. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful.