KH2 help with Agrabah switches

Okay. I usually don’t have any questions of this game because everything is pretty self explanatory and not too difficult. This is bugging me though.

In Agrabah while chasing Jafar’s shadow, you have to trigger three switches. How the hell do you do that? I understand you use magic, but when?

Can anyone just explain to me what they did? Yeah, thanks.

I used magic corresponding to the color of the switch when all parts were the same color (red for fire, blue for blizzard, and white for lightning). I had to fly right into the middle of the switch for the fire one (for the spell to hit it properly), but the others I think I did at more of a distance. I hope that helps. I just did this part last night!

oh yeah that helps a lot!! Thanks!!

Wow…that guy has to be REALLY stupid.

Hey, that’s pretty harsh…

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Nah, you nailed it.