KH2 anyone?

Personally, I think it looks good. Not gorgeous. Just good. Sora’s new threads are pretty cool, way better than that corny Mickey Mouse getup (notice the white gloves, humongous shoes and red shorts?). Above all, Auron’s in it! Or at least I think he is…from the pictures I saw, he seems to have a prominent role in it. I’m not exactly sure when it’s coming out in the U.S., somebody e-mail me if you find out.

I want to play it.

I’ve been bugging the crap out of my friends about this. I must admit, I’m a crazed overly addicted KH fan.

It comes out Quarter Four 2005 at this point so we have another year to wait. Unless it gets bumped forward, but Chains of Memory comes out soon so we’ll have something to tide us over.

Yay! I’ll actually have money then! That’s perfect timing! I can actually get a job then! Sweeeeet.

Chain of Memories rocks. This and MGS3 (and the MSX Metal Gears) will occupy me for a while.

I hope they add some more variety to it. Although KH was fun, i thought it got repetitive after awhile.

Yeah, if anyone wants some KH: CoM sprites, Cro and I have them in our avatars, the jap rom is out.

See, I just hope that in KH2, they actually l;et you TALK YO TUCKING ANIMALS! Considering how 50% of all Disney movies involve animal interaction,o it’d be nice to be able to talk to them, unlike in KH, where you can only talk to the humans. I felt gypped.

You know, Val, that would be a cool idea. Anyone remember how talking to animals was a part of the ultra-cool WILD ARMS? Thought you had to WACK the animals on the head with a magic wand. And it HURT, because you could see the “dizzy stars” icon over their heads. Yet they always went, “Oh, thank you for speaking to me, Madam”. If I were an animal and I got hit on the head by a human, MY reaction would have been "OW! What did you do that for, BEETCH? :hahaha;

I want to see Micky kickin’ ass with his Keyblade.

Yeah, they somehow did manage to make mickey look real badass

Strange how “Mickey” and “badass” seem to go together perfectly.