KH: Birth by Sleep cameos

Finally, we are getting FF character appearences in Kingdom Heart’s prequel: Birth by Sleep. The first of the confirmed new characters is Zack Fair (age 16-17?) at the Olympus Collesium.

OH MY GOD, THAT’S FUCKING AWESOME!!! I CAN’T WAIT TIILL THIS COMES OUT!!! I’m gonna have a heart attack. That’s great. thanks for sharing!!!

A Kingdom Hearts prequel!? First a midquel, then a sidequel (starring the BAD GUYS, too) and now a prequel? Do you people get the feeling they just don’t want to get to KH3? Maybe they have no idea what to do next? (And yes, I’ve seen the “forest of keyblades” scene, but I wonder if there’s any solid story behind it.)

Nice to see more FF characters being used, btw.

Sadly, it seems that Zack is the only FF character to appear in the game. But Nomura’s pulled a few allusions to help maintain the balance.

Radiant Garden: The Gardens from FF8 in being a hovering structure/

Lea(returning character, different existence): The design on his frisbee is a Bomb.

Will there be, at least, any Disney cameos?

Cuz, I don’t want to have to sit through another 356/2 days.

Killmore: Of course, so far the Disney movies used in the main story are Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Lilo & Stitch (first ten minutes), Hercules (first quarter?; Zack Fair appears), Peter Pan, and Fantasia (Sorcerer’s Apprentice segment). Mickey plays a big role in the game along with the rest of Disney Town.

With the game out, we have a new FF element to add…

Zack’s theme from FF Crisis Core.

OK, I’m sure all this jumping back-and-forth in time in the Kingdom Hearts games must have people confused, so here is a timeline (far from complete, but it still contains spoilers) that I put together; hope it helps.

Birth By Sleep: Ten years before KH One.
-Introduces three new heroes, Ventus, Terra and Aqua- all keyblade users (apparently the ones from the hidden KH videos.)
-Shows how Mickey Mouse met Ansem.
-Shows how Xehanort became Ansem’s student (by stealing somebody else’s body!)
-Sora, Rikku and Kairi show up- as toddlers.

At Some Point Before KH1- not shown anywhere that I know
-Ansem finds out that his students are researching The Darkness against his wishes; Xehanort banishes him (and starts taking over his identity).
-Their experiments turns the students into Nobodies; they form Organization 13.
-The Heartless are unleashed into the universe, and they begin multiplying and destroying worlds.

Kingdom Hearts One:
-Sora becomes a Keyblade Wielder, and starts fighting The Heartless.
-Goofy and Donald join him on Mickey’s orders, while Mickey himself goes on his own mission.
-Disney Villains (and Xehanort, or his Heartless pretending to be Ansem) kidnap the Disney Princesses, seeking to use their hearts (souls?) to open Kingdom Hearts, the door to the center of the Universe.
-Rikku joins the bad guys, out of jealousy; however he later switches sides.
-In a sequence of events I’m still not clear on, both Sora and Kairi spawn alternate selves known as Roxas and Namine (without being aware of them.)
-The villains are defeated and the universe reforms. However, both Rikku and Mickey are trapped behind Kingdom Hearts with an army of Heartless.

Chain Of Memories:
-Sora, Goofy and Donald are led to Castle Oblivion (by Org. 13) where they slowly lose their memories (this is done by Namine, under coercion from Org. 13.)
-Rikku, with Mickey’s aid, saves them, but they lose all their memories and must rest for a year to recover them.

358/2: (note, this begins before CoM and ends almost year later)
-Roxas joins Org. 13.
-He later rebels rebels against them, and several members are destroyed.

Kingdom Hearts 2:

-Roxas, who has no memories of the previous events, is trapped in a virtual reality by the man called DiZ (who is actually Ansem) while the sleeping Sora slowly reabsorbs him.
-Sora, Goofy and Donald awaken with no knowledge of the missing year (or of Roxas.). Sora then goes back to fighting the Heartless, unaware that that is exactly what Org. 13 wants him to do (since the hearts stolen by the destroyed Heartless form a new Kingdom Hearts.)
-The surviving members of Org. 13 are destroyed.
-Sora and Rikku are reunited. as are Mickey, Donald and Goofy.

Kingdom Hearts: Coded (Japan-only cell phone game) Takes place right after KH2.
-Mickey enters Jiminy Cricket’s journal (which works as a virtual reality) to fight Maleficent and Pegleg Pete with aid from a Virtual Sora.

Aaand that’s all for now.

Things I’d like to know (no, I haven’t played all the games yet):

-What happened to the original three heroes?
-What was Mickey’s mission?
-How did Mickey and Rikku escape Kingdom Hearts?
-Are there Heartless of Org. 13?
-Or, for that matter, of Sora, Kairi (and maybe Rikku?)

Anybody know?

Here’s some answers, the first done cryptically.

-What happened to the original three heroes?

  • One is present in the main “Sora” storyline (sorta), another is intrumental in Sora becoming a Keyblade user, and the thrid meets Ansem the Wise a year after the events of KH2 (setting up the next chapter)

-How did Mickey and Rikku escape Kingdom Hearts?

  • Explained in Re:Chain of Memories as the work of DiZ

-Are there Heartless of Org. 13?

  • Possible.

-Or, for that matter, of Sora, Kairi

  • Sora already has a “heartless form”(in KH2) and Kairi doesn’t because she is a Princess of Heart.

Thanks, fractyl. I really need to research Birth By Sleep better.

Btw, is it just me, or is the overall theme of KH- identity? Characters get split into multiple selves, or think they’re the wrong person, or take secret identities, or forget who they are, and now (in BBS) there’s a new foe race called “The Unversed” which supposedly embody “the lack of self-knowledge”. (kinda deep for a kid’s RPG… )

Oh, and Master Eraqus, being based on Nomura, might count as a FF element too. :wink:

Wil: The Unversed are actually extentions of a single person, but their purpose is to create the ideal conditions that create the crisis in KH1.

Also, Master Eraqus is NOT based on Nomura, he’s based on the man behind Final Fantasy up until FFX, Hironobu Sakaguchi. He’s mentioned as the lastest post in the Sakaguchi thread.

Wil, I know that this has been around for a few months before I joined, but I figured I’d give you a heads up on this. They don’t particularly explain how Roxas and Namine came to be, however…based on what they do tell about how Nobodies come to be, I can only imagine that when Kairi’s heart left her body and entered Sora’s, or when Sora used the dark Keyblade on himself to release his and Kairi’s hearts from his body, that was when Roxas and Namine were created.

Birth of sleep looks pretty cool. Hopefully the storyline for 358/2 is okay. I am still upset that square-enix didnt release any of the final mixs except for chain of memories, the final mix for kingdom hearts 2 looked awesome.