Kero and FS4

What happened to those 2?

I talked to Kero on AIM a week or two ago, but I haven’t really seen him since then.

Kero’s been trying to get into a frat, and is starting up school again, so he’s been busy.

Frameskip, I have no idea, but he IS alive; he just mailed me some shit I left at his house from the summer trip (My jacket, my cell phone charger, and my beloved blue bathrobe <3)

A frat?

Tsk, tsk… how the mighty have fallen…

Kero eloped with the Bubbles candle.

Frame spends his time playing RO, I believe and D&D on the weekends when the rest of us who have a life can make it, which is most of the time, but still…

Anyway he tell me that he’s looking for a job.

I still cruise the boards, but I stopped idleing on the chat. I don’t find much stuff intresting enough to post in any more really. Yeah I still play RO, more because I have friends that I have no means of contacting outside the game. I’m getting my license and a job soon after. Trying to save enough money to travel over the summer. It’s nice to be missed.

I’m pretty sure FS4’s parents banned him from all things RPGC after everyone trashed his house. It was really, really bad when I left. And the meet was only half over by that point.

pokepoke and char? Did noone notice that he hasn’t been posting for quite a long while?
He even missed talk like a pirate day; and we haven’t got a halloween thread yet! panics

I routinely chat with Kero on AIM, so he’s still around (just not on the MBs).