Kenshin Dragon Quest (aka, WTF?!?)

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[b]Square Enix announced a new sword action TV game called Kenshin Dragon Quest: Yomigaerishi Densetsu no Ken. The game is stored in the “Crest Unit”, which connects directly to TV. A sword controller is attached to the system, which is used to attack the enemies on screen. The gameplay is similar to Namco’s arcade sword slashing action game Mazen. Square Enix is planning to ship 1 million units in Japan, the game will be released in Japan on September 19, for 6980 yen.

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Granted, I know it’s not that Kenshin… Still, this is seriously screwed up. I honestly want to play it more than anything I’ve seen in a long time, but… it makes me feel dirty.

That looks so fun. Too bad the sword looks like a 5 year old’s toy.

I want to play that so bad right now. :frowning:

…I can already picture this one:


I think they’re gonna blame that game as soon as a youth will hurt themselves or others with knives or swords.

Haha, that’s so ghetto!

Actually, it doesn’t look too bad. The sword could be a bit longer, but meh. If it came out to the states I’d probably get it.

Oh, this I wanna get.

Man that would be so cool. COME TO THE USA DAMMIT!

Screw the Konami code, we need an Enix Code, STAT. God I can’t wait for some kis to poke their eyes out with that…

Heh. Wonder Ball all over again?

Wonder Ball? You mean those vomit-tasting chococlate things with the toys inside? Coke city?

That sword would be great for whacking people!

'Xactly X. Probably a bad analogy though, it’s not like you can EAT the sword.

Don’t say that…

Uhm… What do you mean X?

People will find a way. Oh, they’ll find a way…

Gahhhhhhhh… Just GAHHHH.

Story coming up!

Man… and WebRPG won’t come up. This demanded the Dagger-eating Odd Magic Item story.

Edit: YAY! I got it!

"We were playing a D&D game with a mage that collected odd spells and trinkets. For the most part, he was annoying – until we had to interrogate a bandit.
Of course the fighter and the thief did the standard “I pick my teeth with a dagger while we’re interrogating him” thing (which I think is way overused and lame to begin with – and, apparently, so did our eclectic mage)…

While out of view, the mage spinkled his dagger with this powder he’d gotten from the last town which made anything non-living eatable (in case you’re starving or something). Then the mage went and stood next to the fighter and the thief, looked right at the bandit, and took a big old bite out of his dagger!

He talked."

That is the coolest thing I have ever seen…

You control the game with that lousy looking sword? I want it!