Kefka's age?

I need this information for a fanfic I’m writing, and though I’d normally post things about that on the media board, I think the chance to get more guesses is right here :slight_smile:

The fic, Alternate fates, is a spinoff from a trilogy I wrote a year ago - moving around the idea that Gogo is in fact Kefka’s twin brother. Quit staring. I do stuff like that all the time.
Now, for Alternate fates I hit a bump never revealed earlier; how old is the nutcase? I can’t find any place where it’s stated at least.

I dunno, I think i read soemwhere once he was in his mid-20s. Of course, I didn’t believe that, until I saw Celes was actually 18 or 19, so who knows?

Dammit… see, according to the plot he would need to be in his odd forties or something since he betrayed Gogo when Terra just arrived to Vector, which means that if he’s around twenty in the game he was just a toddler when he tried to kill off his bro. Then again, this IS Kefka we’re talking about. But, he was jealous of the fact that Gogo was successful in his research, which would make them really odd people in the more practical way.

I’d wager to say it isn’t said anywhere (at least not anywhere official). Doesn’t say how old Gogo is, either, I’m pretty sure (Age: ??? Weight: ??? Height: ??? etc.). I’m not 100% sure though. Maybe there’s an Ultimania or some such guide out there that has it.

So place him in hs forties. That doesn’t seem so odd, does it?

Yeah, think I’ll do that. With a note about that it’s a desperate guess for the sake of the plot.

In the added FMV’s for the PSX version, he looked young.

I think you can make him as old or as young as you want, as there’s no official canonical age given.

My guess is that the Logan’s Run Principle applies. He (and General Leo too, probably) are likely in the 22-27 age range.

Jet: Yeah, that gives me a headache too. I can always blame all the makeup for him looking younger and then point at the angel form; just look at his beer stomach ^^;;

I may be wrong, but wasn’t Kefka there when Gestal kidnapped Terra?

That was a robot, duh! Don’t you pay attention?

Hmm… no, I think there were only soldiers and Gesthal there when they attacked the Esperworld for the first time. Could be wrong though, haven’t replayed that gem for ages.

Actually, loathe that I am to admit it, Kefka WAS there.

Well Kefka was the first Magitek knight right? And didn’t the empire begin making magitek knights after capturing all the espers when Terra was just a newborn. Do the magitek knights have to be trained from birth or any age?

Well… I always thought they were trained from birth, but I suppose Kefka was really experimental.

He was really there? I need to replay, I can only remember Gestahl shouting “Riches to all who captures an esper!” to some soldiers.

CH: Hmm, could be. I’ve made him into somewhat of a mad mechanic though, something different from mad scientist :slight_smile: