Katrina didn't have the Stamina, Rita is now uncontollable

Run for Your Lives!! She worse than Katrina…


You thought I could be talking about some Girls, but I’m talking about Wind…

For God’s sake stop doing this already.

I hope it somehow manages to hit every gun store and right-wing church in that god-forsaken state.

I agree about the gun stores. I also agree about certain so-called chruchs are hit.

Big Nutter
Pie, Unless a Mod says other wise I am still posting like this. Plus I wanted get in before anyone else does.

I hope it turns around and hits all the fish and chip restaurants and top hat stores in your god-forsaken country.

Boys, boys, lets agree to disagree and pray it hits Canada. Anywhere in THAT godforsaken country. :stuck_out_tongue:


They’ve really got to stop giving them girly names.

Hurricane AWESOME probably wouldn’t be PC enough though.

While “Hurricane Butch” might have a certain appeal to you, it just sounds creepy to me.

Another potential catastrophe …? Aw smegmuffins.

Does any one know how to invest in Oil? If so tell.

I beleve that the Bolkes at the Met Office don’t get out enough.

Where does sat live? Anywhere near the coast?

Don’t worry about Mr. Saturn. Mr. Saturns are low to the ground and unlikely to be blown away by the wind.

Ness, Pikachu and Link tryed to that and Failed…

Been playing: Super Smash Bros. Melee

Hey look, a second chance for the government! Let’s hope they don’t fuck up this time.

Hey. This is the government we’re talking about.

Indeed. Also, they know how to <a href=“http://www.theflasharchive.com/f/f-80.htm”> DUCK and cover</a>

Well if that’s all it takes, could you please stop doing that?

OK TD/Rhaka, I will stop posting like this in Technical Support Forum, The Chat Room Forum and The Polling Forum. But as you well know I rarely post there…

Yar, It’s not my goverment were talking about.

Just because I mod those places doesn’t mean I don’t have a say over other boards.

Not that it MATTERS since I’m not abusing my authority and am just asking you to knock it off, since you said that’s all it takes.