Kanon 2002 vs Kanon 2006

Who here has seen both versions of the anime Kanon? Which did you prefer?

I’ve looked around the net a bit and it seems people mostly prefer the 2006 Kyoto Animation version.

But honestly? I watched the first episode of that and it didn’t take me longer than a couple minutes to decide I liked the 2002 Toei version better. I dunno what it is really, but something about the artwork, the way the story is handled… I just can’t say I like the new version better.

Although granted, I did only watch the first episode… I have the first 16 on my hard drive waiting to be watched… but I’m not sure if I’m even going to bother, thinking I should just re-download and re-watch the version I know and like.

Anyone else have an opinion on this at all?


2006 Version gao~

  • Better animation, CG & effects
  • Yuuichi more studly
  • Ayu is on screen a lot more and also is a potential romantic candidate from the beginning, not just some random girl; she does <i>not</i> show up enough in the 2002 episodes to be the heroine

  • The stories make more sense and are generally narrated better (for example, the Makoto arc)
  • Ayu is even more moe
  • Intro song and sequence so much better
  • Taiyaki uguu~


2002 version looks like ass, 2006 looks awesome.

The guy who did Kyon in The Meloncholy of Haruhi Suzumiya as Yuuichi = awesome.

As Cless said, the stories are much better explained. In the 2002 version, I had no idea what the Mai arc was, but here, it makes alot of sense.

I thought the Mai arc, in 02’, was horrible and made the series end with a horrible ending for me… it still is horrible for me. It is horrible.

The 2002 Mai arc wouldn’t have been terrible if there were more fantasy elements right from the beginning but <i>everything was set in a mundane, realistic world up until that point</i> (except the Makoto arc which didn’t even really stress the fanatasy element that much) when the Mai arc which <i>completely blows everything out of the water</i> with a sudden and random change in the nature of the world that they live in what with ghosts and psychosis and demons and shit and they solve the problem by <i>moving to France</i>? What the hell. And then Keiichi and Ayu are suddenly all love-love despite them talking maybe twice in the entire series.


I’ll keep watching 2006 I s’pose and see if I still think the same way after a few more episodes, since everyone else prefers it… p’raps it’ll grow on me.

I guess it’s just 2002 came first or something, for me. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve never seen the 2002 version, but honestly, I saw some AMVs and the artwork frightened me away. THE FREAKING CHINS. Shudder

But seriously, Kanon 2006 is really good, I hope you give it more of a chance this time.